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Introducing Attently Audience | Get Paid Passively to Watch YouTube/Hulu

Hey guys,

I recently discovered a brand new program called Attently, which pays you to watch YouTube or Hulu.

They just launched out of beta yesterday, and you can now sign up and start getting paid while watching your favorite YouTube videos or Hulu shows.

Let’s get into the specifics.

# Introducing [Attently Audience](

I want to start off with a clarification.

Attently is **not** a BS site where you’ll be presented with some youtube video you probably don’t care to watch. Attently *is* a chrome extension that pays you to watch **any** Youtube video, or Hulu show/movie.

### How it works:

1. Attently is a chrome extension that will use your webcam to track your eyes and mouth while you’re watching a video.

2. Attently uses your reactions and creates data about what people find interesting/boring about videos they watch.

3. You get paid.

**Attently currently pays out via PayPal. You can cash out any time your balance is over $2.50.**

### How much will I make?

Attently is currently paying out $0.17/hour. In addition you may receive short surveys from time to time for a bonus. I have not yet received a survey, so I can’t really speak to how they work/pay. You’ll also get a $1 signup bonus.

So, $0.17 an hour? huh… It may sound like it’s hardly anything, ^and ^^it ^^^is, but it does add up. For example, this last week I watched 14 episodes of a new show that I’m bingeing. Each episode is 40 minutes long, so you do the math. With no extra effort, I could have gotten a dollar or two if I had Attently installed.

Just a note: I actually did talk with the Attently team and the hourly rate absolutely is subject to change. When I was talking with them it really did sound like if anything the hourly rate would increase over time, so that’s something to look forward to 🙂

# Conclusion

I’ve personally been enjoying using Attently. It’s good because it’s passive, but $0.17 feels really low, even though it requires no effort from me. I’m watching David Dobrik’s vlogs anyways, and now Attently gets to watch me laugh my ass off, too. And that’s actually (in my opinion) the biggest downfall of Attently. There’s something about seeing that little green light on, just knowing that they’re watching me. Even if nobody’s watching me, just knowing that my camera is on psychologically makes me a little nervous. I’ve watched many hours of video with Attently already but I still have not gotten used to it, so that might be the biggest tradeoff. They do address this, though:

> We believe people have the right to access what data is being collected on them. **We never save videos or images of our users – just raw data.**

Aside from the weird feeling that the camera may give you, the app does run well apart from the glitches in tracking that are to be expected since the program has just launched. It’s just up to you if you’re willing to let your data get collected for $0.17 an hour.

I think that Attently is a great idea since it’s something actually new. We’ve never *really* seen any other beermoney site try to do something like what they’re doing. I’m hoping that they find value in the data so that it could become something sustainable in the future and something that could reward many viewers as well.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions about Attently. I’m sure they’ll be watching this post.


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30 thoughts on “Introducing Attently Audience | Get Paid Passively to Watch YouTube/Hulu

  1. Fuck that… with AI progression there’s no way in hell im going to let a company have hundreds of hours of my face stored on their server.

    1. I might not have been clear enough on what data is being collected and how it is stored, so I’ll clarify for anyone else who is wondering as well.

      They’re not storing images/videos of you. Quoting above:

      > We never save videos or images of our users – just raw data.

      They actually do let you access this data. I don’t want to paste too much because it’s a lot of nonsense for most people, but here’s some example data:

      “expressiondata”: {
      “neutral”: 0.998712956905365,
      “happy”: 0.0002951792848762125,
      “sad”: 0.000044515290937852114,
      “angry”: 0.00025618576910346746,
      “fearful”: 0.0000026985683234670432,
      “disgusted”: 0.0001607216108823195,
      “surprised”: 0.0005278373137116432
      “boundingbox”: {
      “x”: 204.09928101387382,
      “y”: 114.91010060123205,
      “width”: 228.31318232623104,
      “height”: 220.30300194783848
      “facialattributes”: {
      “jawoutline”: [
      “x”: 235.92005479421974,
      “y”: 180.29656460098028
      “x”: 235.50086879816413,
      “y”: 204.32404627612829
      “x”: 237.23282158460975,
      “y”: 227.0037518959403
      “x”: 240.26365572300315,
      “y”: 247.37195958904027
      “x”: 245.90578806486488,
      “y”: 270.23819794467687

      You can actually read all about their privacy policy and data collection plan [here](

      Having said that, I’ll agree with anyone who says that you’re getting paid peanuts for your data. Heck, I’ll watch a 3 minute video on YouTube and immediately get a Google Opinion Rewards survey asking about my video interests for $0.40, meanwhile Attently gets to know everything about what we watch and our interests.

      I personally am fine with using Attently because it’s somehow satisfying watching your balance increase right after watching a video, and it’s absolutely no effort. I’m also the kind of person who is okay with my data being collected. Soon I’ll be posting another megapost just about data collection.

      1. if it’s really no effort, can you just do other stuff while watching it? like you play a video but you don’t pay attention to it, and work on some other stuff in another window. your expression the entire time is neutral or even the opposite of the video because your mind is on other things.

        If you can’t do that, then I wouldn’t call it “passive.”

    2. dev here!

      just to be clear, we aren’t collecting a library of faces – we’re only doing emotion analysis and facial landmark **detection** (to measure laughter etc.). any image processing is happening in browser, that means we never receive images or video of our users (it also saves users bandwidth on uploading data, but that’s a secondary benefit).

    3. I will for no reason what’s so ever let any one or company watch my face for hours. What for? Why will dey pay me for seeing my face?

  2. Dang, I average 19-20 hrs per day watching YouTube, it’s always on but on my TV. Too bad app is only for phone

  3. I pretty much always have youtube on but I’m only actively watching it sometimes. I guess they only want tracking when I’m actively watching since if I’m not watching I’m looking at my other monitor.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment. The extension detects when the video is the browser tab in focus. So, you can go ahead and browse while you watch but only expect to be paid for the time the video tab is in focus. Does that make sense? You don’t have to track any of this yourself.

  4. Google sent me a questionnaire asking if I’d be willing to set a camera in my main tv viewing area and hook up monitoring devices to all my other tv’s, its still in development,not sure what the pay will be yet.

  5. If you actually have to watch the videos, how is this passive earning? I consider passive video earnings to be starting a video playlist then walking away for a few hours.

    1. Because you don’t have to do anything extra, it’s passively paying you to watch videos you were already gonna watch, ideally.

  6. thanks for the reply, after some wrangling around i managed to get it working. but putting together any videos that are tolerable to sit through at an hour exact is a pain so far..manageable though, i’ll just toss some joe rogan podcasts to cover that end.

    i do have one bit of advice if you work the UI end of things for this, perhaps add a more advanced stat system that shows what the rates are or some other kind of addon to the dashboard. radioearn is one example of a similar startup that did this in the form of a chart graph. since you guys seem to track data points obviously. this might give people a better idea at things, well..under the hood.

    one other question i have in this, i opened a video that was 30 minutes, after watching? i clicked on another video and it’s 31 minutes, i noticed those back to back times of an hour between two separate videos were not counting in the total. even after a refresh/re-open of my chrome browser.

    is the data tracked by one hour in a single video? also i noticed in two separate related videos, the extension went to yellow, then red ‘off’. even though my wifi signal was perfectly fine, nothing out of frame as i was looking directly into the frame of my webcam..

    1. working on answering a couple of those other questions for you here soon (im more of a backend dev). but for now i wanted to let you know that you don’t have to watch an EXACT hour for it to count.

      you can watch as much as you want, and stop at any time! all the time watched counts. minutes, seconds, whatever. you don’t need to make it to an hour for your payout to increase.

      1. combined i’ve watched two 10-15 minute videos, and those two half hour ones. the only account balance i have after refreshing/rebooting is $1.75. $1 was for just signing up. and the 75 cents is for a introduction survey. so, not sure what that means. guessing it takes awhile for the totals of watched content to fully update since you mentioned it doesn’t have to be that exact hour.

        i also noticed that whenever i reopen the site itself, it takes an additional 2-3 refreshes of the tab to get that $1.75 to show up.

        apologizes for sounding nitpicky, i just notice UI stuff a lot being a mturk worker so it’s just kind of second skin lol

  7. i’ll bite when someone gets paid. seems interesting, though the payrate per hour sparks mturk pay hourly…twitches. a bit low.

    > just knowing that my camera is on psychologically makes me a little nervous.>

    my thoughts as well, even with tape over the little orange ring on my webcam it wouldn’t matter for me. i still *know*.

      1. ah your good, make those world famous burritos like a champ. i might dip into this when i have a down period though.

  8. Just great,i have an internet cafe with 10 computers,my customers always watch youtube after playing dota 2.this extension is gonna be a great passive income for me.does this support multiple extensions in one account?

    1. You’ll have to give customers notice or a way to opt-out, though. I’m pretty sure that every country, even China, has a law against this sort of thing without consent, and you could be hit with serious legal/civil trouble.

    1. We’re only available in the U.S. right now unfortunately, but we’re planning on expanding globally asap.

  9. good stuff. quick question. i toggle the button in the extension to try and turn it on, and neither my webcam would flip on (yes i did allow it permission) nor would the extension toggle onto green to let me know it’s recording during a youtube video?

    is there something i’m screwing up on?

    edit: tried to look into the settings for the extension itself, and my chrome has the ‘options’ section greyed out?

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