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Introducing BuzzKid | Teenagers get paid to teach English to Chinese kids

So, hello everyone once again. I made a post a few weeks ago asking about who would like to be part of this new company BuzzKid. Before you continue reading, this teaching opportunity is only for teenagers. If you are over 18, don’t try to sign up.


So, according to their site, BuzzKID’s vision is to build an online community that is “of kids, by kids, and for kids”. On BuzzKID, youth around the world can safely connect and easily collaborate on educational projects with peer learning as the centric theme.
Young people around the world struggle learning foreign languages in the classroom, because they lack an authentic language acquisition environment. BuzzKID matches English-speaking youth with Chinese youth to discuss topics that are interesting and relevant to their daily lives in 25-minute video chats. Youth around the world can now learn foreign languages and authentic foreign cultures through the lens of their peers.


As I mentioned above, BuzzKid is looking for TEENAGERS only. Also you need to be fluent enough in English, so that you have the confidence to teach English to a child.
So yes I know this is boring stuff so let’s get down to the payment, sign up process, and my experience part.


You get paid 30 Yuan (RMB) per session, which is equaled to around 4 dollars, so hourly it’s around 8 dollars. Each session lasts around 25 minutes. You can get paid through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Gift Cards


To sign up, you need to go to their website (I’ll leave the links below) and put your phone number. You will get a verification code through a text message. After you log into your account, you will see that you have some training slides. You will need to read them carefully because you need to do a 1 hour interview. If you pass the interview, you can now teach on BuzzKid.


As you will see on the training, the sessions are done through the Zoom app. You will also need a microphone and a webcam. You will be given all the teaching material, you just need to get your student engaged. You can get sessions by setting your availability and BuzzKid will do the rest. Hottest hours are 6-9pm on weekdays and 9-12 am and 6-9pm on weekends Beijing time.


So I found out about BuzzKid through r/WorkOnline. I signed up, did the interview and I started having sessions. I started one month ago and I already have 37 sessions under my belt. I have to say that this is the first company that allows such a thing (teenagers getting paid to teach English online). You can have as many lessons as you want. For us, you also get some teaching experience to have on your resume. Now, the pay is not that great compared to other companies like VIPKid or even Palfish, but those companies are for native speakers only, while if you are not a native speaker but you can speak English really well, you can join BuzzKid. Also, the timezone differences isn’t a huge problem for me (living in GMT+3 and China is GMT+8) but for some of you it might be kinda difficult to get sessions in hot hours.

Here is my payment proof:

That’s about it really. If I missed something or you have any questions, let me know. I would also appreciate you using my referral link, since I will get a good amount of credit as well.
Here is the non ref link: (just click sign up on the top right)
Here is the ref link:

EDIT: So, a user commented that this is severely underpaid. I just understood that I didn’t make myself clear enough. While I did compare BuzzKid to VIPKid, the lessons you have are not the same. If I am not mistaken, on VIPKid you might need some props and, most importantly, A LOT of energy. Also, I’ve also heard that some students don’t even want to speak to you. On BuzzKid, it’s a whole different story. The only similarity that these two have is that you are given the lesson material. On BuzzKid, you are not forced to follow the material you’re given, if you think that the student might be getting bored. But you still have to improvise something to talk about. Additionally, most of the students know English, since they learn English at school. So you don’t actually “teach” them English, you just make them speak English, because they find that really difficult. Finally, from like the 15 students I have had lessons with, not one of them has ever seemed to be forced to have the session with me. That could be just down to me being really friendly, but I don’t think that’s the reason.

40 thoughts on “Introducing BuzzKid | Teenagers get paid to teach English to Chinese kids

    1. You can’t use VIPKid as a teen and as a non native speaker. You also need certificates to teach. That’s why.

      1. That’s unfortunate. What do you usually talk to the kids about? Just curious, like do they come in wanting to talk about something or what?

          1. I think something like that. I am not 100% sure. I can’t check with them now because it’s like 2am there. Do you want me to ask them about it?

          2. I asked them about it and they told me that “We have had tutors try to use their phones before but the results were bad. Also zoom (the app used for the sessions) doesn’t really support screen sharing on mobile phones, so it will be really really laggy.” Pretty much, u/oanda_ explained it perfectly.

          3. Hey man, sessions materials are distributed in the form of slides. As a result, using a PC or a tablet is needed because you need to annotate on the lesson material during the lesson as well.

          4. Hey, were you part of BuzzKid before I posted this? I am looking for someone to talk to tbh.

  1. This is severely underpaid for this field. Unless a teen was actually looking to become an ESL teacher in the future, this experience is useless and a teen would be better off getting a part-time job in retail or customer service. These companies make at least $50/hr off the parents and I can’t recommend anyone working for a company that pays so little and also appears to be doing illegal activities. To teach Chinese students legally you must have a bachelor’s degree and a TESOL/TEFL certificate.

    1. I have been looking for an online part time job for the past two years, since no one will hire me here to have an actual part time job. This is the only one I have found. Could you suggest any other ones, since you seem to know a lot about it?

    2. Something I also want to mention (since I can’t really bother editing the post right now because it’s almost 12 30 here and I have exams tomorrow) is that it’s not really teaching, but more of getting the Chinese kids to speak English. Most of my students can write in English at a higher level than the one they can speak in. Since you seem like you might have done some ESL teaching online, could you maybe describe a class to me and after that I can describe you a session that I do? (Sorry if I don’t reply in the next few hours but I really need to catch up on some sleep)

  2. I just find it counter-intuitive that you can cash out with PayPal, and have to be under 18 to use the service. You need to be over 18 to use PayPal. I suppose particpants can use their parents’ PayPal account but still

    1. That’s what I did so yea. PayPal was actually implemented because I asked them to, since my parents were not willing to get paid by bank transfer. Still, I understand what you mean.

    1. I can agree that the pay is not a lot. However, there aren’t many other ways that I can personally do to earn some beer money (or pocket money) at this age. I would like to ask you, if you are willing to answer of course, why do you think the pay is so little? P.S As I said I agree that it isn’t much but I wouldn’t call it little.

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