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iOS app Coinout?

I’ve found this app called coinout, similar to receipt hog and fetch rewards, is it any good?

5 thoughts on “iOS app Coinout?

  1. It’s all right, not a super strong earner. I’ve got anywhere between 1 cent to 15 cents per receipt, usually they give 3 cents or below. I think they limit you to 5 receipts per day. They accept pretty much any receipt, so if you’re already using receipt apps, might as well be using Coinout as well.

    They let you cash out to your Bank or for Amazon with no minimum, but a PayPal cash out is $10.00 minimum.

    They do give $0.75 per referral so that is nice.

    [Here is their FAQ]( if you want to read more about them!

  2. I like it. Current limit is 6 paper receipts a day. Their e-receipt limit gong by their faq is 4 per day. They take receipts from almost anywhere as long as they meet requirements such as listing the transaction date and other basics.

    You do need to give the app your phone number. They’ll validate via text.

    Each receipt is worth a random amount of at least a penny. I typically get 1-7 cents each, but higher amounts are possible.

    You can get credit for e-receipts, plus you get cash back if you follow their link to shop at various websites.

    Also just a note that the app is on Android as well.

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