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Is 1Q active?

1Q is a quiz app that pays automatically in Paypal, like CitizenMe, but has anyone gotten anything in the last 6 months from them? You didn’t need to have the app installed to get the quizzes. Last post about them is from 7 months ago.


11 thoughts on “Is 1Q active?

    1. I just got 1 yesterday But I went so long without getting anything that I deleted it and that I had a notification in my email saying Hey you missed a question sorry installed it and I got it was a bunch of I’m over a couple days and now only catching about maybe 1A week

  1. It’s been a few months since I got one, but it’s always a few months in between questions for me. I don’t have the app, so I only get text questions.

  2. I got a couple paid question end of feburary/beginning of march. They were baby products related, so I assume they didn’t go out to everyone. I think I had an unpaid question a week or two ago.

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