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Is crowdtap a scam? They’ve IP banned me just after I got enough to cash out

I signed up at Crowdtap, and in a couple days got enough points to have my account verified. I clicked the verification button, and within a few minutes got an email saying I was unable to be verified, and if I had questions to contact them. So I did. A few days ago I heard back that they went ahead and verified me, that the “system is new” and they are working it out. Something felt off about this. I decided to keep using the site and got enough to cash out +plus a little more. I was going to cash out today. Today I randomly got another email from them with the same copied and pasted message about their verification process. I went on the website, and it wouldn’t load from my computer. Just a gray page all day. I went on incognito mode and it loaded fine, and I was able to log in, but when I did I got a large red “access denied” button, and the page says “loading.”

I responded to their email to tell them that my account was somehow blocked, but I’m not holding my breath. *sigh*.

13 thoughts on “Is crowdtap a scam? They’ve IP banned me just after I got enough to cash out

  1. They’re not a scam Ive made $35 in gift cards from them but their system has been buggy lately. They sent out a mass email to me and some others who were complaining in facebook saying that they were aware of the problems and were working to fix them. I’ve been stuck at zero points for about two weeks but I did just get some products from them, so I have no idea…i hope they fix it soon.

  2. I had the same thing happen and sent them a what’s up with that email. They responded that they have kinks and reinstated me. I have since cashed out a couple more times with no problem.

  3. I joined a couple weeks ago and I still can’t earn enough points to get verified (currently at 670)

    Everyone talks them up but I must be in their most hated demographic or something lol

  4. just join crowdtap question is i did a survey for 10 minutes and now it just says “theres no actions avaiable right now”is that common?and how long does that last..tia

    1. you have to refresh the site manually and very often. i have earned about 2 dollars today, but i developed a script that notifies me when there’s new work

  5. They’re not a scam, but my account was recently suspended, and I don’t know why. I tried contacting Support two weeks ago but haven’t gotten a reply. It was suspended right when I was waiting for my gift card to be sent to my e-mail. They finally sent it last week but I’m still banned from the site :/ I had been using Crowdtap successfully for about 2 years before this happened.

    1. Same I got to the payout rate and was gonna get a gift card and then it says “low iq inputs” right as I’m gonna withdrawal and it never gave me a warning just said it was my fault.

  6. CrowdTap isn’t a scam and I really really like them, however they have been banning people recently for giving incomplete answers or missing attention checks.

    1. They banned me for “Low IQ answers” without ever giving me a warning. My answers were usually like 3 sentences but I guess that wasn’t long enough?

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