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Is Fiverr worth a try?

I haven’t heard of Fiverr until a few weeks ago when Voiceover Pete uploaded a video on how he got banned for no apparent reason. I looked into the website and it looked pretty tempting. I went on the Fiverr subreddit but found a lot of people complaining about it. Has anyone here used the website? Is it worth giving it a shot?

17 thoughts on “Is Fiverr worth a try?

  1. Voiceover Pete didn’t get banned for no reason. Even though what he was doing was clearly a joke everyone knew something like asking kids for their parents credit card numbers was going to rub someone the wrong way

  2. I’ve made a few bucks on Fiverr but I think the difficulty is that you get lost in a sea of people all trying to sell the same thing – so if you really want to make money, I think it’s necessary to advertise elsewhere e.g. build your own website or share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  3. Well just from what I know:
    1. You need an actual phone with a working phone number. (Wifi apps don’t work.)
    2. Don’t even (jokingly) talk about taboo things of the Internet. One really good user very obviously did satire of needing your parents credit card and got canceled, and didn’t even refund the people who bought from him.

    1. The “very good user” is voiceoverpete and he was banned because Epic ordered fiver to do it, he was doing the same kind of joke with every single game, but fortnite one was the ban cause.

      You can search for it on youtube for more info, but TLDR the TOS only apply to you, not fiverr.

  4. > fee is going down immensely

    Do you know why Fiverr is called Fiverr? How can the fee go down any lower than the minimum?

    1. Yes I know, and I can tell you don’t know anything about Fiverr. It started out as a platform for smaller things – costing not more than a Fiver. Now it offers a lot more and some people sell their services for up to a 1000 (my services started from 800). Most people there are looking to be paid more than 5 dollars.

      But, same rule applies – if there are more people offering a service, price is going down. And if you are offering a service that costs 5 dollar you will have so much competition as a level 1 seller you’ll be lucky to book 2 gigs a month.

  5. I’ve thought about trying it out as well. I think you’d have to be fairly consistent and take it somewhat seriously to do well, but it could be worth it for some side money. Depends on what service you offer and how good you are at that particular thing.

  6. Fiverr where 1000 peope take time and effort into making something, but only 1 gets payed. Gluck with that russian roulette.

    1. This doesn’t make sense. In fiverr you have to pay for the service, there is no way to audition multiple services and only pay the best one.

      I could be wrong and haven’t paid for anything on there in a few years but as far as I know that’s how it works.

      1. I think he’s just saying that for every seller who put a lot of work into setting up their shop and received many buyers in return, there are also many sellers who put a lot of time into setting up a nice store making examples etc. and never received any buyers.

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