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Is inboxdollars worth it?

I signed up but it seems like too much work for too little payout.

10 thoughts on “Is inboxdollars worth it?

  1. I use Inbox Dollars for an annual $30 minus fees thing. Aside from the daily question and paid emails, occasionally a worthwhile survey appears. Otherwise, it’s not really worth the time.

  2. Not worth it. I’ve been doing it for like 4 months and have only amassed a measly $15.80 and am struggling to get to the $30 payout goal. Seems like I “don’t qualify” for a lot of surveys.

  3. I made $50 in about 9 months with them and $10 into my second payment and trying to get to $30. It’s not fast with them, but they do pay. Took me 11 months to get to $50 for Vindale and just got that payment a week ago. They both pay, but slow.

  4. Not worth it. It’s incredibly tedious, slightly scammy, and when you finally get to the cashout point they minus 3$ to process your check. They also cap how many times you can do certain things to make your likelihood of getting to that 30$ min cashout longer than it already will be. I went through it once. I did get my check and was able to cash it and then deleted my account.

    1. Best move. Been trying to complete the $30 for close to 1,5 year now. I refuse to do it with 0.25c surveys. Should have deactivated and deleted after I got paid.

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