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Is it safe to save?

Is it safe for me to save and cash out at the end of the month? Or should I cash out as soon as I can?

Just getting into this primarily using swagbucks and rewards but dabble in a few others

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  1. Cash out when/if there’s an incentive to cash out. If not, cash out ASAP. Swagbucks is a program that DOES have incentives when cashing out.

    > I would also recommend not using Swag bucks.

    Lol. Don’t listen to that guy’s piss poor advice. If you know how to use Swagbucks, you can make a VERY good haul daily/weekly/monthly. Depends on how you use it.

    1. Right? I personally don’t like Swagbucks, but it obviously works for a ton of people, so I don’t have it on my “don’t recommend” list. What weird advice from that guy.

    2. I’m anticipating a 3000 SB reward for doing a live survey for 30 min on Sep 10. Hopefully I can complete it and get them! Anyone got experience/got the same offer?

      1. There’s usually a delay in getting SB for those types of surveys. I did one earlier in the week for 1500 SB. The study group lasted about 20 minutes. Said I’d get the SB in two weeks. I’ll just be patient and wait. If I did get one for 3000 SB, and I think I did, I got dq’d.

        1. I heard that if you contact support and send screenshots/screen recording of you doing it, you might get credit quicker

          1. I had already agreed to the two weeks so I’m cool with it. But thanks for the screen recording idea. Never would’ve thought of that as a means of proof in case anything went wrong with a study group type of survey.

  2. I would do some searches for the sites you use and see if there are any unusually high complaints of people getting banned before they’re able to cash out.

    If a site has a fee for cashing out a lower amount, then it makes sense to sit on it and wait until you can cash out an amount with a lower fee. Also, like with SwagBucks, if there’s incentive to sit on your cashout like a discounted gift card once a month, that could be a good reason to save it up, after you looked the site up and are confident they aren’t ban-happy.

    If there isn’t a fee for a low cashout or a discount for saving it up, i.e. no reason to wait to cashout, then don’t wait. Companies can close their doors or deactivate your account at any time and especially without any warning.

  3. With Swagbucks, I cash out at the beginning of every month in Amazon gift cards. Every month, they give you a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card for either Amazon or Visa. The rest of my points are usually pending anyway, so I leave them there till the next month. I’ve been doing this for about 10 months.

    1. It’s more efficient to cash out with Visa gift cards and use those to buy Amazon gift cards. Visa gets a better discount than Amazon. Although I guess it’s up to you whether the few cents if you choose Amazon, or the few seconds of extra effort if you choose Visa, are more worth it to you.

      1. I did do it for a while, but about 5 months ago, I started to systematically have to contact customer support because for some reason I wasn’t getting the emails with the link (yes, I checked my spam and trash folders). After several months of having to do the same thing, I switched back to Amazon gift cards.

  4. Life advise any time you are handing something of value if it’s not sitting in your bank account or physical possession it’s not yours

  5. only time to wait is if you get more money in a cash-out by a higher number of points. example: yougov gives 15 dollars for 25000 points, 50 dollars for 55000 points, and 100 dollars for 100000 points. on that site at least, i recommend waiting for at least the 50 dollar one, because it’s more bang for your buck. but if twice as many points doesn’t give you more money per point, then no, cash out asap, and invest the money. if you have the money yourself sitting in an investment account it can be earning you money rather than earning them money.

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