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Is Smore about to shut down? It has a 3.1 rating now.

I have been a user of Smore for over two years. I remember it having a rating of 4.1 that eventually lowered to 4.0 and then 3.9. But now the rating has shot way down to 3.1. In the newest reviews, a few users descibe their points “expiring”. Apparently they were saving up their points to get a giftcard costing 500 points, and once they reached around 430 they disapeared. Is this a new thing Smore is doing? I have never heard of this before, and I always get $1 Amazon cards anyway. Could this be another glitch?

14 thoughts on “Is Smore about to shut down? It has a 3.1 rating now.

  1. It’s not a glitch. I was saving up for a $10 gift card and my points expired. The same thing happened to my sister. This was around May. Both of us uninstalled the app after that.

    The funny thing was I had been able to cash out at least 4 other times before then. Idk what’s going on but if this is a frequent occurence, then I’m not surprised the rating dropped so low.

    1. So points expiring is real then. I think I had a good run with Smore making over $100 with it. Many beer money lockscreen apps have gone out of business and the reality of it one day happening to Smore feels more real now.

  2. I wonder if this is all new users. I’ve never had that and I’ve been cashing out for the past 2 years as well at anywhere from 4000 to 500 points.

  3. Maybe it’s a problem of people only getting the daily screen points? The program is not understanding they have swiped for many days?

  4. I was a huge smore user. Got more than $100 with it over a few years. Figured it wasn’t worth it when I got a new phone, I’m glad I stopped when I did.

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