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It’s Drop’s 3rd Birthday. Here’s Everything You Need to Know. ($20,000 in Prizes + Up to 10x Earnings)

It’s Drop’s 3rd Birthday! [Woooo!](

For those of you who use Drop, there are some actually *really* good offers available this week, including their extremely generous giveaway with $20,000 in prizes.

**Before we go further, if you’re not familiar with Drop, you can read more about it in my [cash back apps post here.]( It’s pretty close to the top of the list.**

What’s important is this $20,000 in prizes that Drop’s offering and I’m about to teach you some tricks that will help you get the best shot at winning the most prizes, including the $3,000 grand prize.

To begin, let’s talk about the boosted offers this week.

### Boosted Offers

[Here’s an album of the schedule for boosted offers.](

Day | Store | Boost
Monday/Tuesday | Apple | ~~15 points/$~~ 150 points/$
Wednesday | Travelocity | ~~30 points/$~~ 120 points/$
Thursday | Nike | ~~50 points/$~~ 150 points/$
Friday | Warby Parker | ~~180 points/$~~ 320 points/$
Saturday | Sam’s Club | ~~30 points/$~~ 100 points/$
Sunday | Super Chewer | ~~10,000 points~~ 35,000 points

In addition to these “super boosts”, you can find a “Birthday boosts” collection in the app. It should be right at the top of the ‘browse’ tab. This collection contains offers that are also boosted.

Now let’s take a look at what they’re offering up as prizes here.

# The Birthday Giveaway

Drop is really making it rain with their prizing here, and I actually think that their offerings here are *so good*, that I deemed it worthy to make a post.

Let’s start with the prizes.

### $20,000 in Prizes

[Here’s an instagram post with their prizes explained](

I’ll list them as well:

* 100x$20 Starbucks gift cards
* 25x$100 Nike gift cards
* 50x$50 Sephora gift cards
* 10x Apple Airpods
* 10x$100 Amazon gift cards
* Thousands of Drop Points
* $3,000 Uber/Uber Eats gift card (grand prize)

### How It Works

Every time you earn from one of the offers listed in the “Birthday boosts” collection, you’ll have a chance at winning one of the #ShopDropWin prizes. Since the promotion started yesterday, I have completed 3 offers (AT&T for 100,000, Grubhub for 15,000, and EveryPlate for 15,000). Out of those 3 offers I did, I won twice. Once for 1,000 points, and again for 10,000. Based on the responses on instagram and twitter, it seems like winning is something pretty easy to do.

In case you’re wondering, [this is what it looks like to win.]( If you win you’ll get an email stating so at a later point (usually within 12 hours later or so).

By the way, in order to qualify, the purchase/offer just has to go pending. It doesn’t have to fully credit. This was initially a concern for me. Just by completing the special birthday offers, you can win any of the prizes, except for the $3,000 Uber Eats grand prize. In order to win that, you’ll need to take to social media.

> 1. Share a screenshot of what you won on Instagram or Twitter
2. Hashtag #ShopDropWin
3. Tag @joindrop in the post

I’d assume that each time you tweet/post you’ll receive one entry, so the more the merrier! I’d really love to see someone from /r/beermoney win this grand prize.

So, now that you’re familiar with the giveaway and birthday offers, let’s get into the good part: actually winning.

### How To Win

While most of the offers listed are actually just shopping portals that earn points per dollar you spend, there are some boosted offers here that are actually money makers or free trials that are worth checking out. I will say, though, that even after the boosts here are applied, some of the offers you find on drop are also available on Swagbucks, which typically still has the higher rates. Most of the ones I list here are either higher on Drop currently, or not available on Swagbucks (yet), so this makes Drop the best place to do these offers from what I have found.

Also I’m making the assumption that you value 1,000 drop points as $1 (they only offer gift cards).

Let’s get into the offers that I think are worth completing.

* **TIDAL**: 4,000 Points. Start a free trial for TIDAL music streaming service.
* **Harry’s**: 10,000 Points. Start/order your first shaving subscription for as low as $8 (~$2 money maker plus free shaving kit)
* **EveryPlate**: 15,000 Points. EveryPlate is a food subscription service (like Home Chef/Blue Apron). It costs ~$19 with the smallest plan, but I still think $4 for 3 meals a week is well worth it.
* **Thrive Market**: 20,000 Points. Thrive Market delivers organic foods, for less. Start a free trial and place your first order with 25% off. You should be able to place an order for less than $20 in total, causing this to be a money maker.
* **Grubhub:** 15,000 Points. Create a Grubhub account and place your first order. You’ll usually breakeven at best, but it was essentially free Chick-Fil-A for me when I did this offer yesterday.
* **Luminary:** 10,000 Points. Start a free trial of Luminary Podcast service. Easy $10 money maker.
* **Blue Apron:** 40,000 Points. (*Note: this can often be found for worth more on Swagbucks or iBotta.*) Make your first purchase with Blue Apron. Usually costs a minimum of ~$30. Stack with 10% cash back with Chase Offers if you have it. Should be a ~$10 money maker.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that through the end of the day they’re offering 150 points per dollar at Apple, which is an extremely high offer that almost never is seen from a shopping portal. It’s a really great deal especially if you’re actively considering buying a new apple product.

Overall if you were to do all of the above offers, you should end up with 7 completed offers. I’d nearly guarantee you’d win *at least once*, but probably 2-3 times, realistically.

# Conclusion

Drop’s 3rd Birthday has reaped, quite literally, many rewards. I just bought internet for my new house with AT&T yesterday through drop and earned 100,000 points from the purchase. Impressive considering my monthly internet bill is only $80 for my first month. I guess I could add that to the list as a money maker, but that’s a lot of effort lol. I’d really recommend checking out the other offers as well. There’s some pretty decent stores with boosts as well.

If you’ve never signed up for Drop, my referral code is 5ajb9, we’ll both get $5 when you sign up. Lots of appreciation to anyone who uses that code.

Feel free to comment or PM me if you have any questions about anything!

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