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Just reached $500 on Mturk!

As a college student paying for my own expenses, Amazon Mechanical Turk has been a great way for me to create some spare money for going out to eat, going to the bar, and little indulgences. Hence, I was super thrilled when I saw I finally reached $500 today on Mturk! I also have $45 in my account that I’ll most likely deposit once I hit $50. While many users do complain about the lack of compensation the site gives, I do use the site as a side gig, having used it sporadically on and off for the past year and a half (I’ll go several months without going on it, and am fairly active over winter/summer breaks). A great tip is to keep your rejections low by paying attention to attention checks in surveys, avoiding HITs under 50 cents unless they take >10 minutes, and keeping your eye out for those high-paying surveys ($2+), along with ones that offer bonuses. If you have any questions about Amazon Mechanical Turk, or have additional tips for making more money on the site, please let me know 🙂 Today was a rough Monday and seeing this made my day tbh

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  1. Congrats, good for you!!
    Thanks for the tips I’ve really been wanting to sign up for some time now. I’m going to try but might have a few questions.

  2. Sign up on one of the mturk forums. Turkerhub is full of good people and the wiki has a ton of useful scripts to improve your turkflow. The guy who runs the site made the turkerview review site that will show you the hourly of things that you have in your queue. Download mturk suite on the chrome store. I’ve made as much as 3000 a month on mturk and generally land around 1800. I’d rather chew on gravel than work on a 10 minute survey that pays .50 lol. Once you learn how to Turk effectively, you will too.

    1. gotdamb

      And I thought I was hot shit making $800-$1500/month there.

      Then again, I’m still below 97% approval rating and will be for at least another month, so I guess I’m not doing so bad, but holy shit, 1800-3k.

    2. 3,000 a month DAMN that’s impressive! I will definitely have to look into that, I’m usually the one doing those 10 minute surveys that pay 50 cents tbh haha and I’d love to make even half as much as $3000 in a month

  3. There’s a user that posts on here every month. He lists out his earnings for the month. Every time he posts he has around $1000 from MTurk. Giver or take a $100 each month. It seems you can make some good money from it. Good job on reaching $500

        1. just google each, jr panda crazy and hit forker. You need grease monkey to run them. There’s lots of tutorials on Youtube also

  4. I’m literally going to sign up for it once I get home! As someone who may spend an hour a day max on MTurk, what are my realistic earnings per month?

    1. That’s really hard to say. You’ll qualify for different stuff than other people who have been using it for a longer amount of time. It also highly depends on what tasks are available when you log in, a lot of the higher paying ones are gone pretty quickly, and other tasks are added in at different times throughout the day/week. No one will have a good idea of how much they can earn there until they use it for a few weeks, and even then it’s very unpredictable.

    2. It’s really unpredictable. I did it as a part time gig when I was out of a job. I would usually work 4-5 hours/day while watching TV in the background. Some days I would make as low as $10 for my effort. Other days I would find great batches and pull together between $40-50. I think my record day was around $70.

      If you find a great batch and put in 1 or 2 hours of nonstop work, it’s definitely possible to pull in $20-30, but the truth is you spend a lot of time sorting through the junk and finding the good hits in the first place. I will say scripts are very helpful. I used pandacrazy and mturk suite. There are some good videos on setting them up all over youtube.

    3. i typically spend around an hour, but given that hour is fairly sporadic and i’m not 100% focused on mturk (i’m usually at my job or watching netflix while doing it). I would say i make like $100-150 on a good month, but granted i’m not a super active turker

      1. I didn’t know about this. I just signed up from India and did see Ireland in the country’s column. May be they won’t invite. Idk

          1. I’m from France and got accepted. The real problem is that the vast majority of HITs are for US users only…

  5. Congrats!

    Also another tip, scripts are ridiculously helpful and useful. You’ll definitely get more HITs and money with them.

      1. There are user scripts for mTurk that really improve the experience and increase your earnings. I was struggling pretty bad before I started using them and stopped using the site until I read about and installed a few scripts.

        I don’t put a lot of time into it but I usually average around $40-$50 a week. I know some people say they make that in a day, so with some effort and time throughout the day, I think there’s good money to be made.

          1. I’m probably gonna explain this wrong, but I’m gonna try lol a userscript is kinda like an add-on almost for a specific website. For example, I have user script that I installed on my browser for Tumblr and it adds all these new helpful features that I can use that enhances everything.

            Stuff like that is available for Mturk and a lot of workers use them. They’re super easy to install, [here’s a list of some scripts for Mturk]( and what they do.

          2. thanks for the help!! I’ll definitely have to look into this to further my earnings 🙂

          3. Not OP, but no, userscripts. They are javascript scripts that you load in via browser extension, such as Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.

            Such scripts would be like PandaCrazy and HIT Scraper. You can find those on GreasyFork.

            MTurk Suite is a browser extension that has similar functionality to some of the userscripts for MTurk, and has HIT Finder and HIT Catcher functionalities integrated into it.

            Technically speaking, if you’re good with website scraping and COM, you could write said scripts yourself in AHK (speaking from experience here). However, it’s quite an undertaking, and there are much better programming languages for such scripts, such as js and python (my AHK-based scraper was a train-wreck, though mostly functional).

          4. Ah, thanks guys, good to know. However, I’m in the UK so may not even get my invite. Wish me luck!

          5. I’ll have to look into that! What would PandaCrazy and HIT Scraper specifically do? Do they serve to find the highest-paying HITS/send a notification?

      2. I have mturk suite for chrome browser. I’m no expert, but I do use a very few scripts and they definitely help. Google mturk scripts. You’ll thank yourself later.

        1. I’ll definitely look into it! I feel like from this post I’m learning about a world of mturk scripts that I didn’t even know existed

      1. tampermonkey chrome extension, mturk suite extension, and the HIT Scraper script that you can load into tampermoney are what I use. There’s a couple guides on how to do it floating around but It’s pretty easy

    1. >Also another tip, scripts are ridiculously helpful and useful. You’ll definitely get more HITs and money with them.

      Any recommendations on which to use?

    1. haha i usually only really make $5-10 a day, and idk for me it feels better when i can withdraw a huge amount

        1. It’s not only for the US, but they don’t hire international workers nearly as often because there isn’t as much work.

  6. I used to do Mturk for weed money when I was in my early twenties.

    Mturk’s great if you’ve got free time to sink. You need tools though. Greasemonkey scripts, whatever they’re using now. An RSS feed for notifications helps immensely. There’s a sub /r/HITsWorthTurkingFor that I’d hook the RSS feed to show me whenever a new post was made…click any that come up that look easy/pay well. Simple. Work’s super easy too. Mindless stuff to train ML models mostly.

      1. Yea, I think someone said that the last time I brought it up but it was great when I was using it years and years ago.

        Where do you go now? Some other addon get made?

        1. Turkerview forum daily HIT thread is the best for a forum based setting.

          Or just having Hit Forker script running on the side of your screen (or second screen) and grabbing HITs from there right to Panda Crazy./

  7. Congrats! I guess you are from USA? Mturk can be great if you work from USA, but for people outside US the earnings are not that great sadly, very happy it is working for you!

  8. As a college student, how did you get verified for Amazon pay? I just got accepted to Mturk, but rejected from pay, presumably because I’m a college student w/o a credit card

  9. Congrats, I’m getting close to the $100 mark and I’m excited so I can’t imagine how hyped you must be! I mostly just turn mine into Amazon credit and buy cheap stuff my kids need (wipes, clothes, toys). Got my daughter a $75 Steve Madden coat for $12 last week and it felt like it was free.

    1. Yep, I mturk at work and bought my dad a $250 subwoofer for Christmas last year… I just do the surveys, as mind numbing as they are. They really up the pay in the fall for Thanksgiving and Christmas, though.

  10. awesome!!!! Ive been doing it for a week or so and made $30

    I agree you have to be choosey about the HITS and dont waste your time on penny stuff

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