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Just reached $500 on Mturk!

As a college student paying for my own expenses, Amazon Mechanical Turk has been a great way for me to create some spare money for going out to eat, going to the bar, and little indulgences. Hence, I was super thrilled when I saw I finally reached $500 today on Mturk! I also have $45 in my account that I’ll most likely deposit once I hit $50. While many users do complain about the lack of compensation the site gives, I do use the site as a side gig, having used it sporadically on and off for the past year and a half (I’ll go several months without going on it, and am fairly active over winter/summer breaks). A great tip is to keep your rejections low by paying attention to attention checks in surveys, avoiding HITs under 50 cents unless they take >10 minutes, and keeping your eye out for those high-paying surveys ($2+), along with ones that offer bonuses. If you have any questions about Amazon Mechanical Turk, or have additional tips for making more money on the site, please let me know 🙂 Today was a rough Monday and seeing this made my day tbh

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