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Keep Rewarding has joined reddit

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that Keep Rewarding has now joined the world of reddit you can find us at r/KeepRewarding our site is []( We have been online and paying since 2012 and are open to all countries. For all intents and purposes we are a GPT Site like most others on beermoney. You can earn points with us and redeem for PayPal, Amazon, Walmart and other gift cards with hopefully more to come.

I really hope that we can be a useful addition not only to reddit but to the r/beermoney reddit as a whole! We currently have a little FAQ up where you can get to know about us a little bit more. But if we haven’t answered your question in there then feel free to come on over and ask us a question with a post. All we ask is that you be kind to us as we are still working out all the ins and outs of reddit!

Thanks for taking a look 🙂

30 thoughts on “Keep Rewarding has joined reddit

  1. Here’s my [Payment Proof]( KR definitely pays out.

    Had really consistent earnings with RadioLoyaly and Reward Video.

    The minimum amount to cash out is a dollar, takes roughly a week for the payment to process though.

    /u/KeepRewarding Would be nice if there was a Promo Code for Reddit users, to incentivize interested people to join.

  2. A little bit of info would be nice, like minimum cash out,. cash out frequency, point system used, what kind of offers, or just any basic info.

    1. IMO mods should hold these type of posts in queue until basic, essential information is supplied without having to navigate the site.

      Also, their mobile site is jank.

        1. That doesn’t in any way mitigate the responsibility of providing information for users that haven’t ever touched it.

          1. Yeah it kinda does. I mean why does an established site with a great reputation need to prove something to you ?

            I mean you see people vouching for the site. A simple search will tell you they are legit. What more do you want?

            The site is in no way new to beer money, it is just not talked about daily.

          2. I never said they weren’t legit. I was implying that cursory information on an obvious advertisement should be required. Apparently you and I hold quite different standards.

          3. all i care about is that they pay out. if i have a question i will ask it. its a gpt site, they got offerwalls like every other gpt site. they got paypal and amazon. not much more one needs to know. if you need to know something you can search it or ask a question.

            well keep holding your standards. i prefer just using the sites and making money

    2. Minimum cashout is $1, £1, 1CAD (110 pts for one dollar and CAD, 160 points for £1). But I do agree with you, the site has struck me as a slightly ‘janky’ one. That being said, they have an absolute shit ton of offerwalls, more than any other GPT site I’ve seen thus far.

      Took a snip of the site’s earning section.

  3. KeepRewarding is a great site, Admin is very active, which is refreshing, he also is quite active on their facebook page, as is the moderator

    So far Ive earned $71.00 so far from them

  4. Hey keeprewarding, what’s up with offerdaddy? They used to have passive videos but seem to have vanished.

    Aside from that, they legit do pay:

    Don’t be put off by my low earnings, I’ve barely been using the site so far and those payments were more of a test to see if it was legit.

    Also since every other fooker is at it, here’s my ref too lol.

    EDIT: one unexpected bonus of keeprewarding is they email you when people use your ref code, so thank you to the two who used mine.

  5. this site is a great site and has been for many years. there are old posts about it. they are one of the highest paying sites out there on the offer walls. compare instagc, swagbucks, grindabuck and grab points pay rates on their walls to keep rewarding. keep rewarding pays more on most everything. that new site i been using called snagoo pays higher than normal sites do as well but i do believe keep rewarding is very close to the highest paying site.

    ill never say somewhere is the highest paying site anymore because stuff changes so much and its hard for me to keep track cause i use so many sites

  6. you all are SO LAZY – why not get off your ass and do a search and realize they have been around THIS SUB for at least a year ( in thread title search ONLY, but probably further)

    before passing judgement, you should do SOMETHING – ANYTHING – because how do you know the mods haven’t vetted them already – which seems like a waste for as long as they’ve been mentioned here!

    u/themightyox has even referenced them in his MONTHLY earnings posts!

    1. They have been promoted in posts several times over the years. I found the site from a post on beermoney over 3 years ago maybe longer

      1. my point exactly! the search works great – but practically NO ONE uses it – it should be a REQUIREMENT that you can’t even post unless you are on a search results page!!!!

        1. I am fortunate, I got a decent memory and I been on this forum for years. Someone deleted my old account so I had to make this new one.

          I honestly try out every single site on here that has offer walls. That’s kinda my thing, I really enjoy figuring them out and learning how to make them credit.

          But getting back on point with your comment. yes I agree with you. Folks need to search before they speak

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