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Lucky Day… more like Unlucky Month

I have been swiping the 23 morning cards, 6 afternoon cards and 10 evening cards for 4 months now. I’ve been at $9.50 for at least a month, of course the minimum cash out is $10. They even changed the rewards so you can’t get $2 Amazon or Paypal with 3 million points now. Do not download this app, total waste of time.

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  1. I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of time. It just depends on your priorities. If you’re looking for a scratcher app specifically that just happens to give you an actual reward once in a while (as opposed to the ones that don’t), there are worse apps. If you’re just looking for money, look elsewhere.

    1. Same. Just redeemed one yesterday around 10am. LuckyDay has been posted about multiple times in this sub. It is what it is. Sink time in for the redeemable rewards and maybe one day hit $10. I keep it as a daily to do that requires very little effort and nets me an Amazon GC every few weeks/month.

  2. I mean they must be making lots of money from the app (the developer company). If they are unethically distributing rewards/money and using people then that would be really sad.

    1. I actually cashed out $10.75 about two weeks ago, took a little over two months to get to that. I was stuck around $8 for ages as well, ha.

    2. I’ve made about $20 from winning 50¢ or 25¢ at a time over the course of some years. But I’ve earned $60+ from trading points in for gift cards.

    3. I’ve been stuck at 8.50 since November, I’m saving up for another gc and then I’m uninstalling it, my husband has been at 8.25 since December too

  3. What’s the best time to look for gift cards? I’ve been sitting on over 10 mil. Point for awhile now. I want to cash out for an Amazon Card but can never catch one. Any thoughts?

    1. I always check for the giftcards super early in the morning and I’m able to always get one. Try checking at night right after 12 or super early in the morning and you should be able to trade for a giftcard.

  4. Ive been sitting at 8 bucks for a while. Read the reviews people put….seems like across the board as soon as u get close to 10 bucks the money stops.

  5. There used to be $5 Steam cards that was something I used to just pass to my son but since they removed them — and are constantly out of stock for the stores I use/amazon cards I’m now on the fence about Lucky Day.

    I too am at 9.50 and I’ve been doing this for a little over a year.

    It still is only a couple of minutes a day to swipe cards, but I’m feeling everything your talking about.

  6. It was about 2 months. I was sitting on 7.50 and then got 3.00 on 2 scratchers real quick. Cashed out and then had to bug them for payment. Once they paid I went up to 8.00 really quickly and then haven’t hit anything in months.

          1. I said something like “I did my part now it’s your responsibility to do yours. it is suspicious that I have contacted you multiple times and received no response.” They came back with “we have resent your PayPal, be sure to claim it this time, check your spam yadda yadda.” It was lies.

  7. I have noticed the longer you stay away the more likely to win .25 or .50 when you return a few months later

    I have no proof other than I was at $7, left for a few months came back and got to $9.50 and now stuck again.

    So now I’m giving it time off. I also noticed you get less ads if you take a break too. The more often you play the more ads you see (that or I just got lucky lol no pun intended!).

  8. There’s a bunch of them, Lucky Day, Lucktastic, Lucky Rose, Lucky Donuts. They’re all pretty much the same. Swipe some cards, watch ads, get some points. They’re easy, mindless earning that you can do while multi-tasking something else… but you’re never going to make real money with it. Just a $5 giftcard (or some other minor prize) from what I can tell so far, about once a month – assuming you do the swiping every day. You can speed up the earning a tiny bit by installing other apps, or doing surveys, but that takes more attention than I’m willing to give it. There are definitely better ways to earn, but if you want to break up the monotony of doing surveys or offer walls, or just want something to do that takes next to no effort, it’s a nice change of pace.

  9. I’ve been stuck at $9.25 since November, and every time I look to cash out to an amazon gift card they are always sold out. I’m hoping for the last $0.75 and then I’ll be done and off to find the next app.

  10. i started in Jan stuck at 9.5 since jan 15th. meantime collected 5 million coins and redeeemed for 5$ starbucks. also replenished to 1 million in 3 days after full depleation. think the algo wives more with less u have.

  11. I’ve been at $9 for abouttwo months now! I actually messaged their team about it because I know that they’re just not handing out awards so you don’t go past the $10 mark. No response from them of course.

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