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Lucky Dollar Discussion Thread

In order to keep discussions and ineligible comments out of the Giveaway thread, I’m opening up this thread.

Please try to keep the Giveaway thread limited to one comment **only to enter the giveaway**. (IF you’re eligible!)

[Lucky Day $50(5x$10) Amazon US Giveaway! thread]( More information about this app can be found there.

Lucky Dollar has provided a link for everyone to submit their feedback and comments on the app, found here:

21 thoughts on “Lucky Dollar Discussion Thread

  1. I will be removing all comments that are not entries from the giveaway thread so we can accurately choose random winners but feel free to discuss them here instead. Constructive questions or discussions that pertain to the Lucky Dollar app only please. If you’ve come just to troll or try and derail things then your comments will be removed.

    Hopefully /u/luckydollarapp can answer any questions people have as well.

  2. So how are they making their money? Because the permissions it wants are pretty ballsy, make me manage phone calls, storage access, and location? Also the login is literally just an email address…

      1. 100% it’s not a scam, we would NEVER hold a giveaway for a scam and we do a lot of checks for that.

    1. Hello Exxeleration,

      We are working to modify our permission, and in the future releases, we won’t be asking for permission to manage phone calls. We only ask for email address as a means to communicate to our users.

      1. People posted they were concerned about these other permissions as well:


        approximate location (network-based)
        precise location (GPS and network-based)

        read phone status and identity

        read the contents of your USB storage
        modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

        read the contents of your USB storage
        modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
        Wi-Fi connection information

        view Wi-Fi connections
        Device ID & call information

        read phone status and identity

        receive data from Internet
        view network connections
        connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
        full network access
        control vibration
        prevent device from sleeping
        set an alarm

        1. Thank you for pointing those out! These were set up for testing purposes, but we’re working to remove any phone call related permissions and modifying USB storage permissions.

  3. I was looking around on Google to see if I could find anything else out about Lucky Dollar, and came across a thread on BeerMoneyForum a month ago where Lucky Dollar posted inviting people to a closed beta.

    It did have some more information in it, even though some of it may be out of date since they are not in closed beta anymore.

    *Disclaimer: The linked site is a crappy place that encourages people to post vague comments, or useless comments with no information at all. But it does have some payout proofs, so here we are.*

    * [Comment from LuckyDollar](
    * “We are doing our best to bring the cash-out time to 2-3 business days, and we’ll do our best to process your cash-out within 7 days.”
    * [Comment from LuckyDollar]( saying the ad every 3-4 scratchers won’t increase.
    * [Comment from LuckyDollar]( saying iOS release should be late March or early April.

    Cashout / Payment Proofs

    * [$1.00 paypal](
    * [$1.02 amazon]( with additional [balance reload proof](
    * [What you see]( when you cash out.
    * [Email from LuckyDollar]( to a person from an undisclosed country.
    * “Paypal is charging a $0.99 processing fee, but you can cash out to an Amazon gift card for zero processing fees.”
    * [Another payout to PayPal]( in Philippine peso.

    There were numerous cashout screenshots to PayPal and Amazon in that thread, not going to list them all.

  4. Do they have an iPhone app as well? There is an app called “lucky dollar” on the App Store with the same logo and it is a scratch ticket app but doesn’t appear to have any way to cash out or use your coins at all. Is it not the same app/company?

    1. Hello BellaBsmith,

      When we launched this promotion, as Threw_it_to_ground mentioned, we were only available for Android. We have released a new iOS app today as a test version, but if you would like to try it, please feel free to check it out!

      1. Oh awesomeness! I downloaded it and have scratched a few tickets I just wasn’t sure if it was the same app or company because there is no payout option. But if I won’t lose my coins from this test version I’m sure I’ll continue to scratch a few tickets here and there!

        1. You’re absolutely right! We didn’t enable to cash-out option, but will be honoring all coins won and will be stored so that it can be cashed out with future releases.

          1. Oh very cool, I definitely look forward to seeing the app in the future and wish you all luck! Is it currently possible to sign in on both versions of the app? For instance if I earn coins on iOS can I use the same email to sign into an android device and cash out? Just curious, if not no worries at all and I will just be patient and hold onto all my coins. 🙂

  5. Hey just wanted to know if you do modify your permission could you pm/tag me? Because didn’t install because the manage phone calls was a little too sketchy for me, but if it was a mistake I get that

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