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Made Over $1000 this Past Year Selling Stuff on Mercari

I have been doing the passive small income jobs like perk and Instagc the past few years, however I found Mercari the past year and thought that people would like to know about it.

It is a selling app, similar to eBay, however I like it a lot better because of how easy they make it to sell stuff, and they have built in buyer protection on every purchase. It is a very easy to sell items.

I cleaned up a bunch of stuff in my house, and I sold 27 items making over $1000. It obviously depends on what you are selling, but it was stuff that was just sitting around.

Things to know: they take a 10% selling fee, and they pay out with direct deposit, or you can use your balance to buy more stuff. You don’t get paid until the buyer receives their item and gives you a rating, or 3 days after the item is delivered. This is to ensure you don’t scam people, which I personally like.

I have had really good luck selling stuff, the app is super easy to use, and it is a great way to make a few bucks while cleaning up!

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You get $10 off $20 item, I get $2 off.


It’s not the typical beer money site, but if you have stuff you want to get rid of and have no experience selling online, it’s a great place to start!


29 thoughts on “Made Over $1000 this Past Year Selling Stuff on Mercari

  1. >**$10 OFF any item of $20 or more**

    before you guys sign up thinking you’ll grab something for a couple dollars, like i did. Still seems like a good site, thank you for the recommendation OP.

    1. I haven’t, there is a built in chat system that makes it easy to communicate, And just make sure you describe the condition accurately. I have also bought some things, and it is easy to ask the seller about it.

  2. I’ve sold on ebay and other platforms since 2001, but I don’t care for Mercari. Part of it is that it’s either direct deposit or spend there. I require PayPal as an option for getting paid. I had good luck selling on Mercari, but I quickly returned to ebay. Mercari reminds me too much of Facebook marketplace.

    I also don’t care for the community. There’s a lot of crap on there. Sellers like to report their competition, falsely reporting people for not using original photos when, in fact, their photos are merely well done. I don’t know if this is still the case, but the system used to be automated so that one could get banned without an actual person even looking at the situation.

    The market at ebay is much higher, at least in most cases. It seems like the people shopping there have more money to spend. This is just my own preferences though. I’m glad that you have enjoyed it.

    1. Ive been selling on eBay for about 1 year and Mercari about 3 months i find ebay easier and better especially with shipping prices. However Mercari to me is great for more wierd and items you normally wouldnt list on eBay in my mind. I mostly buy and sell used video games i find at thrift stores and stuff. I find it easier to sell games on eBay individually, but easier on Mercari to sell in a bundle. Also find it easier to sell used controllers on Mercari rather than ebay. But this could just be something specific to my market. Also I like how Mercari doesn’t charge to list items unlike ebay if you pass a certain threshold. EBay to me looks and feels more professional, while Mercari is more regular people getting rid of old stuff. (Just thought id share my thoughts thank you).

    1. It can help connect you with buyers looking for specific things depending on what you got. For the items I looked for this past Christmas, I only looked on Mercari for a big majority.

        1. They have actual staff and customer service team they have to pay, plus it covers purchase and selling protection. One of my orders as a buyer was lost by USPS and they covered the entire amount – you can sell yourself, sure, but if you don’t get your product in front of the right buyer it’s just gonna sit there and you’re not making money. You can always price the product enough w/ what your comfortable with and factor in the 10% so you still get the amount you want

          1. I see. I was just curious as it seems to only be available in the US and Japan so I didn’t really look into it much.

            But I don’t get how it “gets the product in front of the buyer” any better than your average website that you can use to sell stuff (with a similar user base).

          2. Jus referring to how people use different sites for finding different items, there seems to be ebbs and flows on what is more popular / what kinds of products do best on different sites

        2. eBay is also 10%, so if you’re thinking of using this type of service, I think a better question is “What makes this site better than eBay?

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  4. I bought a LOT of stuff on Mercari for Christmas presents (I bought Funko pops if you are wondering) plus a few other items. Only had one issue with USPS missing package and Mercari credited my account so I could buy another item in its place. I plan on starting to sell stuff on there soon!

  5. If you plan on using the app I highly recommend using their Twitter support instead of the app support. The app takes their 10% cut right after the purchase is confirmed so you don’t have to keep track of fees like on eBay.

    1. Can you elaborate on the tracking your fees with eBay part? In the last two weeks, I just started selling there and I am honestly kinda just winging it and learning as I go. Thanks!

      1. On eBay you pay seller fees at the end of each month so you have to remember to have money in your account to avoid late fees. On Mercari these fees are immediately taken when a sale is completed so you don’t have to worry for the fees being charged at a later date.

        1. You can also pay the fees on eBay immediately through the My Account page, but it’s not automatic. As soon as your auction is over the fee amount will be listed there. I’ve started doing that to avoid paying at the end of the month.

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