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Make money as a Twitch viewer !

Hi, I want to share with you this site that i found. Its called Twitchfollows. You will get offers to follow or view somebody’s stream and you will get paid! Its that simple. Minimum withdraw is 20dollars.



23 thoughts on “Make money as a Twitch viewer !

    1. Here’s my payment proof:

      [Screenshot 1](

      [Screenshot 2](

      And my [beermoney spreadsheet](

      Wouldn’t particularly recommend doing it if you’re really impatient, it’s just something I’m doing alongside

      Not sure how long it took for my first cash out for $10 in June. But it took me roughly 5 and a half months to get to [where I’m at right now]( ($14.36).

      1. looks to only have steam/computer games.

        Do they ever have console games? I like the concept and I’m patient just not sure if it’s for me.

  1. They are legit, but it takes forever to earn enough to paid. It wasn’t so bad back when the minimum was $5, the change to $10 was annoying, but this new $20 minimum is absurd.

    My last payment was on 4/18, and I’ve earned ~$6 since then. I check in at least once every day. At that rate, it’ll take nearly 2 years to get to $20.

    1. This, it’s a common scam when they increase the cash out threshold, or your point will expire after not logging in for 30 days etc.

      1. Well, if you can make 10$ in an hour with beermoney, you are already good! If you can consistently do that, you belong to the 0,00001% of users.

        1. I think what he is saying though is that when it takes almost a year to earn the minimum cashout amount than it is just not worth the time lol

          1. Yeah, that is for sure. On a lucky day i can make like 5$+ from PrizeRebel alone… and i am not even from the US!

          2. That is way too long. I don’t mind slow payouts as long as I am consistently getting there with not too much work. But waiting a year for $20 just sin’t worth the hassle. I already made that in a few mins on a UK cashback site.

    1. IMO, I think that is the only realistic way to make money from this. You need to be a streamer that is making money from the advertising. Plow a certain amount of your ad money back into this twitchfollows thing…rinse and repeat.

  2. you do know you wont earn anything from getting referrals right? All you will earn is points to use to get your own followers on your streams

        1. You can buy stream upgrade or view upgrade for 10$ from reff so i wantto buy viewer upgrade which allows me to do more tasks.

  3. I read in the forum that people paid 9.99 to be able to get more follow offers and they all said it’s worth it. Can someone confirm this please? I’m hesitating a bit.

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