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Making A ~$200 Profit From Mountain Dew Promotion

This is kind of different from a lot of other thing I see on here, but I think it might fit in well.

In the US, Mountain Dew is running [a promotion called “DewNited”.]( They have bottles with one of each of the 50 states and if you collect one of each you get a $100 Visa gift card. You can do this up to five times during the promotion.

So in order to maximize the profits from this, you have to collect 5 of each state, making a total of 250 bottles; which would net you $500 in Visa gift cards.

Today I went out and bought 22 6-packs of 16oz bottles for $3.05 each. From the 132 bottles I bought, I found 109 that I could use after removing duplicates. Based on my observations and the information on the website, each retailer gets a different mix of states, so it’s likely not going to be worth it to buy anymore six packs, at least from that particular Wal-Mart. My plan from here is to go to a few local gas stations (Sheetz) and look for individual bottles I need, which they sell for $1.58 each.

I’ve projected the net earnings as such:

6-Packs: -$3.05 * 22 = -$67.10

Individual Bottles: $1.58 * 141 = -$222.78

Visa Gift Cards: +$500

Credit Card Reward Points: $289.88 * 0.05 = +$14.49

Grand Total: $224.61

On top of all this, Sheetz has a reward program that gives points for in-store purchases, which means I’ll most likely spend enough money there to buy at least 2 whole subs.

Theoretically, I could go to to other stores in the area and look for 6-packs with different mixtures to increase my profit., but I’m not sure I want to risk wasting money on states I already have.

Any thoughts on how I could maximize the profit on this?

Edit: Here’s a link to my spreadsheet, since a couple of you asked: [](

23 thoughts on “Making A ~$200 Profit From Mountain Dew Promotion

  1. You are assuming that they distribute these states evenly.

    What if one state was only printed X times among the whole batches

    1. It’s definitely possible. I feel like given the nature of the event, they’re at least going to produce enough so that people have them in their home state. I’m not going to keep going if I don’t find enough singles to get at least one giftcard. Worst case scenario I never have to buy soda again.

      1. just an fyi pop will only stay nice for at most a year. the flavor and carbonation go to hell and it’s not nice to drink anymore ;o;

  2. I used to have friends and Co workers give me their caps for coke rewards. About 300 total Co workers. About 100 did it. Had a few customers give them to me (grocery store).

  3. They’re cash back apps that will give you a lot more money back. The issue is that they probably print 1 state far less than the others or something so it’s probably not even worth pursuing this.

  4. As a fellow Dew drinker, I’ve seen this promo but don’t think it’s really worth it for about a $20 profit. You’re buying 16oz. bottles from anywhere to 1.40+ to get a 100 dollar card so that would be your “profit”. You can’t rely on those 6-packs as it sounds like you can’t see the states (never seen 16z. packs going off your description only) so that’s potentially a waste and will dig into your profits. Especially since it seems the “home” state you buy them in gets priority on their state. I mean, it’s a fun little promo but do it smart if you do this. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the hassle for 20ish bucks profit.

    1. Honestly I’m doing it for fun, not entirely for profit. If it was solely about getting money I wouldn’t do this.

      Also, you can totally see what states are in the 6-packs. I didn’t bother checking because I bought so many, but I only ended up with about 30 I didn’t need. The math is my post reflects that.

      1. “If it was solely about getting money I wouldn t do this” …. Hum… Ok ;). So why post it on a “beermoney” forum :D. Since everybody is there for money ! Anyway… Good luck for buying MountDrew , update if you have all the states and so 100$.

  5. Should set up a google spreadsheet to share to see about rarity and maybe trade duplicates. If nothing else you get the soda free and make a little extra.

    1. I actually have an excel spreadsheet to track which ones I have. I’d consider copying it to google docs if anyone is interested.

        1. I went ahead and updated the OP with the spreadsheet. I’m considering making a subreddit to organize trades, but I’m not sure how I’d get other people on-board. Fortunately I’ve discovered that a picture of the bottle is enough to claim the label, so it could all be done without shipping the physical drink.

  6. this is why i miss MCR (mycokerewards)/pepsi stuff back in the late 90’s (pepsi stuff started around..98 i think.) early 00’s-2010’s. the concept was far more simple. save caps/12 pack cardboard codes enter, bam done.

    and it mentally never seemed to take long to get caps hoarded up. even as someone commented about how it they’d get others to do it as well. this concept with dewnited adding sort of a match the states element would i think cost far more effort/time regardless if you struck gold and matched all states for those visa gift cards.

    i’m sure there’s plenty of other workarounds out there in this, just for me (as a dr.pepper drinker) seeing the unit prices per 6 pack bounce all around (usually we’re talking 3-6 bucks per six pack in Indiana). about the only person i could see this working out for, would be my brother. since he’s a dew fanatic. lol

    although he has the patience of a hyped up toy dog when it comes to small investing.

    but for anyone willing to try this: the promo ends August 10th at 11:59 p.m. ET.

    1. I recently got into the mycokerewards stuff this last year. My wife is a Diet Coke/Coke Zero drinker and we live next to a state that does the 5 cent return per stamped bottle so I keep every bottle of Coke she drinks to turn in if eligible or recycle if ineligible. When I realized they had codes, I started keeping the caps. Most of the type in to win stuff are like long drawn out sweeps but I remembered last Christmas they were doing instant win Amazon and Target gift cards. So I spent some time a few days ago and typed up all of my unspent codes into an excel sheet and recycled the caps themselves. That way I can wait and enter all of them for an instant win gift card I’ll actually use. This is a long winded way of saying it still is type in a code and bam you’re a winner, but only for super specific promotions they run and is less of the norm now which is a bummer.

      1. It’s still Moneymaker if you buy codes online and redeem them for gift cards usually it’s like .15-.2/cap and most of the guarantee promos are like .5/code

  7. don’t forget to donate the unopened bottles after you cut the codes from the labels.

    while this promotion can’t be like mcdonalds monopoly where they only print one winning piece (and give it to an insider), there are likely to be distribution limits.

    on the plus side, it looks like you can tell which state your bottle is before you buy it.

    1. My plan was originally to donate all of it to the food bank, but unfortunately you have to enter the cap code as well. I’m considering just handing them out in front of the courthouse in my town (which is the most busy public square) with the stipulation that they let me keep the cap. Not sure if that would weird people out or not though.

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