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Making Close to $20/Hour Playing Xbox

I’ve been bedridden for the last couple of months looking for a way to make money. I found a way to make money playing video games.

What I do is called account recoveries, Its where you log onto someone’s account and play for them. This is not illegal however it is against Xbox TOS. I do these recoveries on eBay and so far have racked up a total of $982 without fees (Closer to $600 with fees).

Most of the people I do these for are people who don’t have time to play on their own but want to keep up with content releases. I have a couple of army guys I work for as well as some away from home construction guys.

I do my Recoveries on Destiny 2, make sure the game you want to do recoveries for has a market or else sales will be very slow.


Be sure to Hit me up with any questions you have about setting up a store and finding the right market.

23 thoughts on “Making Close to $20/Hour Playing Xbox

  1. Play for them and do what exactly? I have black ops 4 on the PS4 and could probably do this since I have above average skill.

    Could you give more details?

    1. Mostly farming, destiny is more of a looter shooter with a ton of farming involved. Also raids, raids are a big thing. For Bo4 the market is mostly camos and prestiges.

        1. I don’t really know what people want it for, a lot of it is just keeping up to date with the game while out of town.

      1. daily challenges are so easy and they stack over 3 days, i don’t think there is a market unless it’s the end of the season and people need to grind weekly challenges

  2. > it is against Xbox TOS

    if you’re some how found out, would/could there be consequences for you too, or just the guy you’re logged in to?

    1. There are a few outcomes that could happen if he gets caught, the recovered profile is banned, his profile and recovered profiles are banned, or his console gets banned which I believe also bans the profile too.

  3. It’s always been fascinating to me how much people are willing to pay for things in video games. I used to sell items in Ultima Online on eBay about 20 years ago. Made about $2000.

    1. The market for people buying crap in games has exploded. Back in the day buying items was mostly considered cheating but these days it is accepted as the norm.

      1. It has always been big. When Diablo 2 came out people sold rare loot on eBay and other platforms.

        In the late 90s early 2000s I would trade wins in a competitive game or sell game currency for other game keys ( at that time I got warcraft 3 and such from others) and premium time in mmos I was playing.

        I mean that is what stirred up the whole gold selling and farming from China. They saw how much money there was in it at the time. All it did was evolve with gamers getting older and new games and services to provide.

        It is just basic business. Providing a service people need or want. As for it being cheating…. I mean it kind of is. And for anything competitive it can be seen as unfair till the owner gets on and bombs their rank( unless they dont touch it to just get the rewards.)

      1. No problem

        I never thought about doing this on console, id imagine D2 is the only game you could really have much success with though, seeing as I couldnt get anyone to run raids with when I actually played it though Id be SoL

        Kinda nuts that people are willing to give you their log in details too

        To add to this, I totally wouldve paid for you to finish the story mode with my warlock lolol, maybe try adding that to your list of services, bound to be some christmas kids that dont wanna do another run through

  4. Do you honestly think there’d be a market for fortnite with the daily/weekly challenges and vbucks etc? Any experience?

  5. More so asking outta curiosity but what does this process look like from first interaction with client to successful work and payment being received? I’d imagine there’s a decent amount of hesitancy on both sides due to having to share login/pw and just overall worry over getting burned.

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