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So I just found this app that literally pays you for taking photos to certain stuff
It’s only working for Android atm but the devs are porting it to IOS
The app’s name is Microwork

16 thoughts on “Microwork

    1. You can withdraw only using ethereum and the minimum you can withdraw is 1$
      I don’t know the time it takes because I didn’t withdraw yet

  1. What do I have to take pictures of and why is the payout in cryptocurrency? This sounds like some deep web stuff, mane. I’ll take a picture of my backyard and then I see someone standing there with a knife that same night.

    1. There’s no good way to show payment proof when you get paid in crypto. I mean I could show you a screenshot of my wallet which wouldn’t make sense to anyone who didn’t use crypto. And if you do use crypto you know your just going to see someone got money from somewhere. You won’t really see who sent it by a name

  2. I prefer crypto currency payments honestly. Almost everywhere I shop that takes crypto gives me a discount for using it and it makes a big difference

    Fir example if you use kratom or phenibut either one you can save between 10-25% off your order for using crypto to pay a lot of the times
    Especially right now while fees are so low.

    Ether has never really been my favorite currency but it doesn’t matter to me honestly because I can convert it to any other currency I want ( including dollars) quite easily

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