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my earnhoney redemption problem

Hello , I have made 6 visa redemptions between 26 and 30 July and today I have received the last two redemptions only and the other four are still pending , Is that natural or should I contact the support ?

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  1. I’ve had a “VIP” redemption pending for almost a month. Support doesn’t respond to anything so I’m guessing they’re running into funding trouble or something.

  2. So if you read under the redemption fine print, you’ll actually see that it depends on what day you redeemed your points.

    “Redemptions will be paid out on Mondays and Fridays.
    Submissions between Friday to Monday will be delivered on the following Friday.
    Submissions between Tuesday to Thursday will be delivered on the following Monday.”

    I hope this helps as I had the same confusion until I read that on the redemption email.

    1. I know that but the last two redemption are that i have received , the past redemption still pending , i have made 3 of them on 28 July but one of these three has delivered to me , that i was asking about .

  3. It could be many things, did you contact their customer support? They helped me out when I had issues, it might be from redeeming many at once?

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