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My experience with CashPirate (w. payment proof)

Hey guys,
I figured I’d post my experience with them, share some proof and drop a link to their app. So far they always paid me, pretty much instantly which is a big plus. Here’s a quick run down of the pros and cons I found. The app been mentioned before but not recently and should definitely be in the guide.


**-Good payout**

**-New stuff added regularly**

**-Low-ish cash out (2.5k pts = $2.50)**

**-PayPal (with fees included so no loss)**

**-Other payments methods such as Amazon**


**-As a European user, I feel like I do lack offers**

**-Watching videos doesn’t pay much (2pts)**

That’s pretty much it. I’m also posting some payment proof and my own code, you’re free to use it I’d make me really happy (pretty sure you get 500 coins too). Great day to everyone!

-Link (you can use code **TIEYZR** when signing up):

-Payment proof:

11 thoughts on “My experience with CashPirate (w. payment proof)

  1. As a US user, I didn’t bother with the videos, and prefer the more pollished appearance of this company’s GiftPanda. Same thing, but has cashback, no videos. You can’t use both as the offers overlap.

    I have been paid by both apps, even has the same name on PayPal.

    **5min Routine: check and install the app, wait 30sec, do the next until there aren’t anymore yet.**

    1. Hey bud, thanks for replying. I heard about GiftPanda but read it was only an iOS thing so I’ll have to see if it’s on Android. Take care 🙂

        1. Thanks a lot! I’m currently trying out GiftPanda, do you have any idea how long you have to keep the app running to be credited? On CP it’s pretty much instant

  2. I’ve cashed out (2.50 PayPal) 3 times now in the last month. I’m definitely getting less offers now, but have overall switched to mturk so it’s a tradeoff. Still, a legit app!

  3. I’ve been using this for months as an European before finding websites with better payouts. It works fine, but it took me like a week to reach 2500 coins and it just took surveys away from better sites because they usually give me all the same and can’t do them twice. Worth checking out in the US, otherwise test the surveys and see if it works for you.

  4. This was one of my first beer money apps. I’ve been using it since 2015 and I’ve received 37 payouts from them. I don’t use it as much now but when I do, I can usually get over 1000 points in a day from doing the 500 point TrialPay surveys

    1. Woah awesome. I gave up on TrialPay as they never reward me and unlike SponsorPay where you can report and always get the reward, I didn’t find any report function. Also surveys never work for me :/ Great job though, thanks!

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