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[My Sprint Rewards] Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

Hey hey hey, it’s Sprint today!

My Sprint Rewards recently launched and I posted a month or so ago about some free pizzas that they were giving away.. Well, today they’re giving away free $5 Starbucks Gift Cards.

Feel free to launch up the app and take a look 🙂

Don’t expect these good deals to last… or at least I wouldn’t be holding my breath…

If you’re not interested in Starbucks, you can always try to sell your gift cards at /r/giftcardexchange or /r/gctrading. I’m personally willing to buy any $5 Starbucks GCs for $3 each if anyone is interested, but I’m guessing if you made a post on a GC subreddit you could find better offers.

### [Download My Sprint Rewards](

NOTE: If you’re on boost mobile, you’ll also get the offer on their rewards app :).


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13 thoughts on “[My Sprint Rewards] Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

          1. I was banking on points with all the Cricket stores near me and the little games so it was a nice $25+ a month just for spending a few minutes each day. Sucks that they disappeared but now everyone else has to be a big shot.

            Cricket, give it back!

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