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My Survey Junkie review (a surprising positive)

So, I recently got hit with a large medical bill they were “nice” enough to let me pay off over the course of the next year. Not wanting to impact my finances, I started to dig into various ideas on how to supplement my income just about $100 a month worth, doing things on my bus commute, during breaks and what have you. I’m fully employed and have little time or desire to find a second job, so I was just looking to find a few survey sites. And that led me to survey junkie.

having found a few quality surveys I was actually able to accumulate their $10 cashout in reasonable time. So I went to redeem, and initially thought about a bank transfer. When you go to redeem they send you an email verification code. No problem.

But after deciding I didn’t really want to give this site my bank information, I backed out of the redemption and opted for paypal. Another emailed code.

Except I fumbled it, and instead used the first code. And was presented with a “your account has been locked. Please try again in 1 hour”.

And I thought “here we go”, we all know the stories on how these sites will lock your account on a whim and never ever respond to any attempt. So I thought that $10 was as good as gone.

But, I tried again an hour later, and found my account..unlocked. That’s a shock. OK, new code. Entered correctly. Aaaaaaaaand now I’m told I need to get a call from a representative which would be soon unless it was after 6pm, in which case next business day. It was around 5:15 EST at this time.

And then my email associated with the account gets an email ” Thank you for contacting us. We’re currently experiencing a very high ticket volume. Please expect delays of up to 7 business days. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Oh there it is. It’s gonna be forever until I hear from them. I’m really annoyed. I’ll probably never see this, and even if I do, I’m sure as hell not working on a site when I’m “pending verification” for god knows how long, not knowing if I’ll ever see my money. So it’s at least probably 2 weeks of not even being willing to use this site.

Then, at 6:25 PM EST my phone rings, from an unknown number out of california. And it’s survey junkie. She asks me a few quick questions. My name, my address, and how many points i have in my account. I used honest and true information, and I knew I had “about $10.70 worth” which was apparently good enough. 30 second call and I’m all verified. And I think “OK, and now it’s gonna take a week to process that….”

I get an email at 6:28. Congratulations, we were able to verify your account successfully. You can now continue with your redemption.

Alright, let’s try this again. Paypal again. And another code to my email (apparently you need to put the verification code EVERY SINGLE TIME…which honestly I kind of appreciate). I put in the code, and it actually asks if I’d like to set up an alternate site for my paypal (this is new, most sites require your paypal address match the email address used to sign up, and I did not take advantage of this since I ensured my paypal account was updated to link to the spam email account I used, and I use my paypal under my name and gave the site, and the representative, my true name).

And by 6:30 they send me another email: “YOU SUCCESSFULLY REDEEMED YOUR SURVEY JUNKIE REWARD! The following reward was sent to your PayPal email xxx **$10.71″**

“OK” I think to myself, but we all know how these sites go, it’ll take “5-10 business days to clear” or some other nonsense.

30 seconds later, an email from paypal: Survey Junkie has sent you $10.71 USD

And there it was.

2 days later, now it’s today. I manage to get another $10 together. I go to redeem. Another code to my email. Another carefully typed code into their verification. And another $10 instantly received.

I’m actually..shocked. A locked (by my own error admittedly) account that ACTUALLY automatically had the lock time out and reopened, a verification call within an hour, and it took all of 5 minutes between getting verified and having my first receipt of paypal. The second redemption was quick and painless, other than having to, apparently, type in the verification code sent to your registered email every time you wish to redeem. Payment is received to paypal instantly.

So for those curious about the site, I can say it HAS worked, they DID give me the verification call within the hour, verification was quick and painless and only asks you to confirm the name and address and current point balance. I wasn’t asked to provide any specific identification or images of my license. However my paypal account is verified, and I suspect though can’t say for sure that they cross check to ensure the name on the paypal is the same as the name on the account.

I recommend that anyone looking to use this site attempt their first redemption around noon EST. The call I got was from california, so that seems a decent time to wait for that call. Just make absolutely sure the information listed on your account IS accurate.

7 thoughts on “My Survey Junkie review (a surprising positive)

  1. I haven’t heard from them in a week and now my account doesn’t even show any option to redeem. Got a call and accidentally thought it was spam so hung up but when I tried again my account was locked then tried a bunch of times and now my account doesn’t show anything and contacting support just got the same 7 days message over and over.

  2. I like Survey Junkie overall(I’ve been on it a week and a half and have cashed out 40 so far). But, like the person below said, I keep getting halfway through surveys and it will either give me three points, or I’ll finish a survey and I won’t get any points. It’s annoying, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Also, it seems that I never qualify for the high paying surveys, or they’ve already filled up by the time I click the link. I am getting paid on the site, and I have cashed out without problems, but making any kind of cash on the site is a slow process. 🙁

  3. I keep getting well into surveys and then all of a sudden it closes and goes “oh well here’s three points” okay well I was 15 minutes in so I want more than three measly points. It will take me forever at this rate

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