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Mystery Shopping – Zoos, Museums, Amusement Parks, etc..

The last posting for Mystery Shopping on here did so well, I thought there may be interest in additional companies. I’ve been Mystery Shopping since 2004, and this company stays at the top of my favorite lists. (If interest stays high, I may continue posting more of my favorite companies.)

If you already plan on going to an amusement park, zoo, museum, etc.. it’s worth looking to see if they have a shop available for it! I’ll warn you up front, it’s A LOT of work compared to most other mystery shops. It takes 45-60 minutes for me to properly enter the details online after my shop, not including the 3-4 hours spent on location. Considering they pay $75+ for most shops, plus a $5 bonus for completing on-time, it’s still worth my time. Especially if it’s somewhere that I’d be visiting regardless. Sometimes payment includes additional bonus tickets to go back to the location again at a later date.

The company is very upfront on what is expected from you, and you are required to follow the directions exactly as stated or risk nonpayment. Sometimes this includes things like pretending an arcade machine won’t give you tickets and noting how the employee reacts, etc… (and yes, the website design hasn’t changed in 10+ years. It appears outdated and somewhat scammy, but it’s the real deal!)

If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer!

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5 thoughts on “Mystery Shopping – Zoos, Museums, Amusement Parks, etc..

  1. I work at a theme park as a food and beverage cashier. If you ever get assigned to secret shop us, PLEASE:
    1) Quit asking for the free water or directions. They give you a specific item to order and be reimbursed for!
    2) Judge the employee only for your turn to order. One of my neighboring cashiers got sent home that day (not fired) for not upselling the previous guest (the employee was really upset)… Even worse was I already was over my scheduled shift by 1.5 hours and I had to wait another hour so I could start counting my drawer.

    Anyhow, I applied since it is worth a shot. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up op.

    1. Oh, wow! The only upsell shops I’ve ever done reward the cashier for upselling, but they don’t punish those who don’t. I have a stack of gift cards that I take along with me, and every cashier who tries to upsell me gets one. I love those shops! Positive reinforcement all the way.

      1. As far as I know of the only department at our park to get rewarded is food and beverage.

        We have to use a friendly greeting (1), attempt to upsell (2), give the customer an appropriate response to thank them for the transaction (3).

        As for punishment we do NOT get fired, but I did fail one practice mystery shop (not an actual secret shopper, this is like the first week or so of operation). You are told to count your drawer and clock out and then speak with one of the managers of food and beverage to check what went wrong and possibly retry things. It is annoying for our area managers and higher-ups and leaves them in a bad mood. It turns out only one person passed that day I failed (Because the customer right in front of the shopper barked at them for upselling and the cashier was too stressed to bother with that). I switched areas at the end of the season to get back on a register.

        There are very few one-strike and you’ve been fired offenses, but all of these are SEVERE. As in a law infraction severity.

        1) Failing a drug/alcohol test
        2) Failing to ask for and check id
        3) Extreme subordination (I have seen an employee get into a yelling fight with an area supervisor and not get fired (though they left shortly))
        4) Caught with a short drawer (I was badly trained on register first season, second season it’s my best position.)

        Still, please just follow the instructions you are given. We like having a job.

  2. I have done a shop for an Amusement park in Virginia before. (Takes it down to two for those counting) And mine was more complex than order a drink/food.

    I had to see how the ticket window was, how the person at the gate, security metal detectors, did have to order food/drink (it was specific place and told what to order food wise), had to be a Male/Female to check the the restrooms. We had to poke around a giftshop, had to go to a specific show, Note any rides down/issues. How clean the park is, etc.. While you get two free passes, free meal and parking.. it is still work.
    Keeping names & receipts too. (2018 this is easy with a smart phone, 90s – you had to remember or write things down!)

    With that said, some companies if you get in good with them, even have bigger jobs on cruise ships. Free Cruise for 2, (may get credit for some travel to the port) – But you will have hours of paperwork.. I haven’t done one of these though.

    Also its a big no-no to tell which company does what business in mystery shopping.

    *fixed some veribage

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