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New Bullshit from Fronto — Points now expire

Lol, this email was just sent from Fronto.

Basically TL;DR – Points expire after 90 days of no account activity.

The thing that ticks me off about this post is in bold.

Hi /u/Fishering ,

> As you know, the Fronto community is growing rapidly. Since the first launch, its user base has been growing crazily fast. Starting from the US, we are now serving several countries in multiple languages. Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone so far.

> However, at the same time, we have seen some users who couldn’t find that Fronto would be useful. We respect their decisions. Fronto can’t be for everyone. **The problem is that their remaining points became a big financial burden for the company even though those will be eventually expired.** In order to make Fronto sustainable, we had to decide that we will expire some of the inactive reward points.

> As of today, any accounts which haven’t earned any points for the last 90 days will be regarded as Inactive Accounts. Every month, we will expire all the points of the Inactive Accounts. As long as, you are actively using Fronto and have earned points over the last 90 days, your account will be safe. For the further details, please check the updated terms.

> Best,

> Team Fronto


This is actually really funny.. This is their logic based on this message… “You earned points with Fronto, but we realized that we have to pay you for your points, and we don’t want to do that. In fact, if we actually paid you for the points that you earned, our app would not be sustainable!”

Probably the biggest bullshit since Perk said that they had to lower the payout per ad because of the advertisers wanting to give you more ads and higher paying ads during ‘national holidays, and big events like the superbowl’.

I’m deleting fronto just because of this email. They say shit like this and think their users actually believe it? Like clearly no… if you were actually unable to pay users for using their app like they promise, then don’t pay users so much and have to *rely* on the fact that users won’t spend the points they earned. The thing that really makes me mad is this part:

> As of today, any accounts which haven’t earned any points for the last 90 days will be regarded as Inactive Accounts.

I don’t know about you, but I think that is real bullshit to immediately remove users points the day they inform users of a change. I’m sure there are plenty of users who check their emails a lot more often than Fronto, and I know there will be people who had a fronto account with a sitting balance on it that they never were able to cash out, and now their points have expired.

A beermoney company should never have to rely on the fact that Users won’t cash out in order to stay afloat.

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