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New to this, what’s the recommended apps in EU?

I’m currently using Clickworker and Quickthoughts. What else should I look into?

**Edit:** Thanks for all the help guys!

As of now I’m experimenting with the following apps/sites to see which ones I like:


*-Quickthoughts* (skeptical, says I have a little less than 10 USD, but haven’t tried to cash out yet. Read something about users being banned when cashing out)

*-Clickworker* (promising)

*-YouGov* (no surveys available)

*-CitizenMe* (one survey, payment received)


*-Prolific* (promising)

*-Respondent* (haven’t applied yet)

*-Prizerebel* (skeptical)

*-Grab Points* (skeptical)

27 thoughts on “New to this, what’s the recommended apps in EU?

  1. Same I’m new what’s a good place to start and r there any tips I’m not using any programs or anything currently

    1. Not sure if this is in the EU but it should be. I’m in the US so I’m not sure but the CitizenMe app is very good. You answer short surveys and get paid in pounds via paypal instantly.

    2. You just have to jump in and try some sites out and see what works best for you. Also don’t give up after 5 minutes, it takes a while (like, months) to get the hang of some of these sites.

  2. It really depends where in Europe. I live in Southeastern Europe and only a few work for me. You can try signing up for MTurk, but chances are you will not be approved, rarely anyone from EU is. One of the best sites that I found that works in Europe is hands down Respondent. [You can read more about it here.]( I wrote down everything, how it works, pay rate, how they pay etc.

  3. I tested most of the Online Survey Sites, the best ones I could find are **Swagbucks** and **YouGov**.

    I made a summary page [here]( (it’s in German though) with the pros and cons of each platform and how much you can expect to earn (very little, unfortunately).

    Then there’s and the like which is more like a real remote job, which I am currently testing.

    Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions!

    1. Swagbucks doesn’t work in my country, sadly..

      I signed up for YouGov and got the app. But it’s empty so far. How often can I expect available surveys?

      1. I got about 2-3 a week .. but at least I don’t get disqualified so often, they’re kinda interesting and the pay is better than average

        1. Thanks. What’s the approximate average pay for each survey you take on YouGov?

          I’ll take a look at appen as well. I’m doing these while at my real job so I’m not sure any of the jobs they offer will be suitable for me.

          1. I’d say the average pay for YouGov might be around 0,50 Euros, but they don’t take too long and they can be quite interesting.

            I also just applied to Appen, but they will usually require you to work up to 20 hours a week 5 days a week, which is hard to pull off if you work full time

  4. I’m in the U.S. as well USA citizen. So that app all you have to do is do surveys and u will get paid in British pounds?

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  5. It’s pretty difficult if you are from outside the US unfortunately… You could try some from r/beermoneyglobal but success is not guaranteed.

  6. I’m in the UK and still in the EU for now lol. I use swagbucks, gamermine, yougov, onepoll, radioearn, cashmining, probably a few others I can’t recall right now.

  7. Try “Respondent” If you’re in Europe. They have some highly paid surveys $50+ but you need to apply for them. I’ve had it a month or two and have completed a few whilst out of work. They are very specific but if you get accepted for them, its great money. IMO its pays better than Mturk long term, but is less constant, so do both!

    Heres my ref link []( 😉

    non ref link – [](

    If you have any questions about it, feel free to message me

    1. I’ve already signed up there. Looks promising but I haven’t applied for anything yet. Sorry I can’t use your referral.

      Mturk replied to me today and I wasn’t accepted, sadly.. I was really looking forward to that one. But now I feel a bit better hearing that respondent is on the same level. Thanks!

      1. Honestly ive been on Mturk for a few months and i can tell you if youre not from the USA, then you’ll have a hard time getting any amount worth your effort. I’d put most of your time into Respondent because it actually pays off, but like i said, its not constant work.

        1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give a few different sites a chance for a few months and see what I can get out of it. My workplace Is dead for several hours every day so I figured I could try to sneak in some extra cash during those hours. I really could use it. Working 40h every week and school 2 nights a week +independent study doesn’t really allow for extra work in the weekends in fear of burning myself out.

  8. I’m from Eastern Europe (HU), and I use Respondent, Prolific and Grabpoints. All three gives a somewhat steady amount of cash.

    I’ll try out Clickworker. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Clickworker seems fine. The app works really well so far. There is a delay for payout, I’m not sure how normal that is. Earlier today I completed a survey worth over 4 euros which is pretty great. Looks like they pay to your PayPal.

      I had a look at grabpoints, but I don’t quite get it. Every survey and offer seem to redirect me to a different site I have to register at. How do you use it?

      Also, respondent. I signed up today. How do you like it? I could only find a few one-on-one’s that I can’t try at work.

      Edit: the citizen me app works great as well. I have only found one survey so far but they paid directly to my PayPal!

      1. Respondent has some really nice payments, but you have to get selected, which in a month only happened to me once. I was requested to record my banking app on pc and mobile, just 10 minutes of recording and it paid out 40 dollars, which is quite good.

        Grabpoints looks scammy and a bit confusing at first I know, but the only thing that pays well there in regard of points are the surveys, specifically Speak up and yoursurvey on the adgate wall (each giving around 500 points). You have to fill out some questions before you get to the surveys. Yes there is a lot of redirecting happening, survey dropping you halfway and things like that. It’s not really good but if you can manage to do 2 surveys per day, its almost 1 dollar a day in points. Any other stuff you should avoid on that site IMHO. I paid out once at 3000 points, it was okay in terms of speed.

        1. Oh good, you tried that one. I had a look at it and my scam meter kind of went off. Were you allowed to sensor sensitive information yourself? I chickened out.

          Recording log-in to my online bank will reveal birth numbers, name, account numbers, balance, debt, etc. I figured people would pay more for that info than just the interface of my online bank.

          Thanks for the grab points info. I’ll check out those two:)

          1. Hey all. I’ll help you guys clarify some things. If you are redirected to other sites, these are usually survey routers. Survey routers will take the information you entered and match you up with surveys targeted towards your demographic. These will usually be on external sites.

            The other option is survey walls, such as TapResearch, Theorem Reach & RevenueWall. With these, you will enter your information and see survey options that are relevant to your demographic (with the amount you would earn next to each survey). With these services, you remain on []( Also don’t forget, TheoremReach & TapResearch award you for partial completes, so you still receive points if you only make it through partially.


            Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help. If you’re interested in joining, you can sign up with the below link to earn 500 points upon joining:


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