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News/Update for BIGtoken app Cashout Options

Hey peeps!

Bit surprised I hadn’t heard anything on this yet from the sub. BIGtoken, [a relatively new app that was previously introduced a month ago to /r/beermoney]( finally released the first version of their cashout today (it’s only 10:40pm here whaddaya want?). However, in the image below it’s… rather underwhelming…

Cashout screen:

Image transcription being:

> You can only redeem once every 30 days

> You can only redeem 25% of your total points

> You must have a minimum of 2,100 points or $21.00

> You must have a verified U.S. phone number

> You must have a U.S. PayPal account

Email notes:

> You can now redeem your points for cash in the BIG app with a U.S. PayPal account and a verified U.S. phone number! We’re so excited to have this feature up and running, and we know you are too.

> This is just the first redemption option we have available, but more options are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Now opinion time – I absolutely hate cashout limitations and large minimums. Matter of fact, this is the most strict cashout system I have seen yet, barring a lot of scams or legitimate trash platforms. This prevents the user from being able to fully remove themselves from the program in the event that **A.** the developers make negative changes to the program, or **B.** the user simply outgrows the need or the desire to continue using said program.

A cashout system like this, in my opinion, will actively prevent new users unless there’s some outstanding level of proven return. And frankly, I haven’t seen an iota of indication that this app is going to wind up being more than the $0.15 to $0.30 a day it’s currently worth (as my personal range which does differ between users depending on demographics) after the mass of points during the first couple weeks.

I’m going to continue using the app and belay cashout for a bit because… frankly I have 2,500 points and wooo boy you can’t even cashout in increments lower than $5 or $10, and, thankfully, $4.75 is not going to break the bank for me like it used to. However, I’m hoping they introduce more options like they appear to be promising because this is not beneficial to the longevity of their platform.

Cashout tiers (not including above $25):

Thoughts, anyone?

12 thoughts on “News/Update for BIGtoken app Cashout Options

  1. Had to quickly edit in the bit about the email that I had forgotten while initially writing. They did promise those future cashout options but the existing one will not encourage new account signups and is a bit worrying, frankly.

    I sincerely hope the existing limitation is to avoid being sucked dry by the massive influx of users they previously had, but I’m not necessarily confident that they suddenly found an investor or clients that will enable them to appropriately release less strict cashout options down the line in time to combat what is inevitably going to be a massive decrease in user participation.

  2. > You can only redeem 25% of your total points

    Well there goes my chance of ever, ever giving this a shot. There’s no way I’m going to tolerate a service that pays me $5.00 for $20.00 worth of offers.

    If I’m reading this right, it would take you between 70-140 days to reach the $21.00 threshold, but they’ll only let you withdraw 25% of it?

    1. I personally am making way more that 15-30 cents a day on it so I bet I could hit the minimum in a week or so. But still, it’s pretty bad.

      Edit: Might slow down as I use the app more though. I’ve had it for a few weeks so far and haven’t used it a whole lot.

      1. It sure looks bad! That’s good to know it’s not a maximum 30 cents a day earner. I saw your comment saying that you’re going to continue to use it, I sure hope for your (and everyone’s) sake they change something to where you can eventually withdraw 100% of what’s in there.

        1. If I use it, it will be *very* rarely when I have nothing better to do just in case they end up letting you cash out everything.

        2. Yeah whoops based on your comment I added a tidbit. I’m sure some users are earning more. $0.30 is about the max I hit unless I’m super diligent in using their check in feature throughout the day and have some extra questions to answer.

    2. Take my ballpark with a grain of salt. There were a lot more questions available to answer as the app tries to get to know you soon after install so it could be higher or lower by a bit… but yeah I’d say that’s my current average. Theoretically earnings can go higher since you can connect a bank account but I was leery of that option…

      But yeah as a current cash out option it’s terrible, so I absolutely hope this is a temporary option, as in if they don’t change this within a couple weeks their userbase is going to *drop.*

      1. Thanks for making an actual post about it. There were a couple posts earlier, but they were just referral link shills that didn’t give any info at all. I guess they got removed

  3. So basically now there’s 1575 points stuck in your account permanently. That’s dumb. But I’ll honestly probably still use it and hope they change it later because it’s easy to use.

  4. I never do the check-in or anything referral related and I only get two maybe three questions a day so I make about $.10 max a day. It would take me at least 3 more months to cash out since I’m at $12 already. What a bummer.

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