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Opening a conversation for December

I know everyone has a different process and reason for doing this.

For example, I do beermoney to supplement my unoccupied freelance hours and keep my mind busy. I love the allure of creating new routines and getting better results. It has helped immensely in bring personal fulfillment and helping to free myself up financially for specific activities engagements that were once harder to plan for.

This being said, my beermoney routine is revolved around activities that require specific and limited time commitments.

Every day I accomplish the following:

– Try to qualify for []( (a godsend, I have been lucky to qualify for so many)

– Move on to UserInterviews (I think Amazon is as good as cash and they have some easy ones)

– Churn a swagbucks offer or two (to the tune of 200 dollars successfully and easily churning)

– I mturk but I am a casual user (I think yall who have all those accomplishments and hits are Gods)

– I earn 10 dollars a week on quick thoughts (with two devices, not that hard)

– Do every single []( survey

And lastly I look on reddit to see new opportunities that might further aid me to contribute to this community and give me new inspiration. I don’t post a lot but for those who have interacted with me I am a PM guy. I’ll pm the shit out of you to pick your brain, thank you, or add something.

I am the person who posted the recent Abra app referral. I deemed it to be of high caliber and a good deal for this community but it was a flop. I specifically wanted people to create a referral train off of an offer that could realistically incorporate itself into an easy churn or investment for the beermoney community. This was the impetus to get out of my PMs and make a larger post treating this subject.

I personally believe that the best experience and state of hygiene for this community is to be open on the exchange of ideas and processes of how and why we all do this.

I am always hungry to learn more from others and share what I have added into my own routine. I understand that referrals can be a leech to the the health of a community — yet I believe with maturity the group should be able to sift through this material and decided what is to work for them.

I think this is the most invigorating and exciting part of our community anyway. I cannot say what will fit the idea of your beermoney. But among the churners, the turkers, and those who have shared with me that this is their full time — we all have made a home here.

The suggestion I’d like to raise is that with how many of us there are and how diverse we are…

what is beermoney to you?

8 thoughts on “Opening a conversation for December

  1. My problem is that I am the most disorganized person imaginable.
    Well probably not that bad, but I could still be doing more.

    My day usually focuses on Mturk, when It gets slow, I switch to Microsoft Rewards, and hit the first daily goal on Swagbucks (plus any special offers). If I’m close to the 2nd goal I’ll give it a shot. Recently, I added Prolific, that takes priority over everything, but the quantity of surveys is very low.

    Ideally, I need to add one or two high quality things, like profilic. I’ve tried instagc, grindabuck, etc. I hate those types of surveys with constant disqualifications. I usually have a gap where mturk is slow, and I’ve finished Swagbucks. I’m open to suggestions.

    I have one phone that I run the swagbucks apps on, and another 2 phones and an iPad just sitting there. No idea how to use them effectively.

    I’m making about 20 bucks a day in 2 to 4 hours, I would like to dump it up tho. My main advice to everyone with beermoney is that it’s a marathon not a sprint. You can burn yourself out in a day working 16 hours for 80 bucks…. or you can be disciplined, and make 7300 bucks a year, 20 bucks a day at a time.

    1. Try Perk for the other phones that are just sitting there. Try to run it all day. You should be able to make $60 a month doing that (i’ve seen other people make more, but you’d probably need more devices). Make sure to clear the cache on your devices now and then.

    1. It’s not the most consistent/reliable site. Your earnings aren’t limited by how much work you put in, they’re limited by the amount of studies you’re eligible for. It is a good site though!

  2. Beermoney to me is doing the little things that noone else is willing to do for easy cash. For me its not so much doing mturk and stuff like that but it is thrifting and reselling.

  3. I’m a college student so beermoney for me is a way to make a $30-70 extra/month to go towards food & fun money without losing all my free time by taking on another part time job! My current job has a lot of downtime so taking surveys is an easy way to maximize my earnings for my time.

  4. Prolific has become a constant tab on my desktop and I have to say I get good earnings from them. I have it open while I am doing other survey sites with high DQ rates. I have a “daily routine”, going to all the sites that give you a few points just for checking in ( bing, swagbucks, inboxdollars, cashcrate and gifthulk) then I usually pound out the ones that give me points for just trying first ( pointclub, swagbucks, oneopinion) then go to others as I have time.


    I’m gonna go checkout respondent as I have heard a few good things about them and I’ll see how that fits into my routine.


    I have a good paying, full time job but I like to have money for the fun things that I would otherwise feel guilty spending on. Beermoney lets me do that. That is what beermoney is to me.

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