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Panel App raising reward requirements?

Anyone else see that panel app recently doubled the point requirements to get gift cards? It used to be 1000 points per dollar but now it’s 2000

I’ve also been noticing that points come in way less frequently, is it just me?

Thank u and bless u

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  1. It’s not just you, I’ve noticed it too! I used to earn at least 100-200 points a day but now I can barely grab 30-50 points and guaranteed rewards have increased in points for me as well.

  2. I’m glad to know I’m not going crazy. I could have sworn a $5 Amazon gift card was 5000 points and then when I finally got to that amount of points it went up to 10000 points. Thanks OP for posting this.

    Edited to add:
    I’ve also noticed that the amount of points that I’m receiving are significantly less than before. Not sure what’s going on with this app now.

    1. Sounds like it is dying now. I used to use them but the points were going down and I stopped after a recent cash-out.

        1. I am well aware but they have been cutting points and increase redemption requirements. Which can also be a sign of an app losing its steam.

          1. I don’t even recall them like sending out a courtesy notice or alerting us about the increase in gift cards redemption point values. I hope that made sense.

          2. Yeah, some companies will let you know that their reward options have changed in value but this one did not.

        1. Seems to have been a bonus getting that couple hundred points a day. It was like this right before it started for me.

          My screenshot was more about the 5000 points for a $5 Amazon though.

  3. Wow. And I was thisclose to a $25 Amazon card. Now I’m not even halfway there.

    I guess we can blame ME for the added expenses they might claim caused the price increase. I stopped earning any points at all, and the app stopped sending me survey notifications a couple of months ago, and I’ve never seen so much follow-up from any Help Desk.

    In the first response to my ticket, they said they had “done something to” my account, and points recommenced accruing, but the survey notifications never started up again–even after I sent screenshots with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, proving notifications are enabled all around (Thanks, Arlo Guthrie! Love that line!). I get a follow-up email from them nearly every week since, asking if things are working right yet.

    So my little technical problem is probably tying up their entire Help and Tech departments, and they’re bringing in reinforcements?

  4. Fuck. It already took me long enough to earn $25 when it was priced at 20k points. Now it’s 30k? Ok /r/beermoney, I’ll post back in two years if Panel doesn’t die, if I’m able to cash out, and if they don’t raise the price again.

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