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42 thoughts on “Passive Income: Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

  1. I had very bad experience with affiliate marketing but it doesn't stop my drive. I always ask for advice and watch a lot of YouTube video still no success. I still have a positive attitude no matter what. the mentor I see is on YouTube and are willing to charge 5,000 for advice that's crazy I'll find my way just fine by myself

  2. why do people want to become associate with amazon get a couple of 1000 bucks start your own website that introduces associates with business organizations and make money by charging the companies that want real associates who can sell their product the worst that could happen is you depend on ad revenue on your site and this can realistically cost less than $5000 to set up and earn you hundreds of millions

  3. Hey Roberto! I like your direct and honest approach. You definitely don't seem like one of the marketing gurus who are just looking to line their pockets at the expense of newbies. Thank you!

  4. I recently had my channel (not this one, this my personal YT account) approved for an affiliate program with only 45 subs! But my channel is targeted specifically at pop culture collectibles and the company I'm affiliated with are one of the makers of such products, so my conversion rate is great for a tiny channel cause it Prime targeting with my viewers

  5. Roberto, I've been watching some of your videos on affiliate marketing. of what I've seen, so much of the affiliate marketing is technology related. now, we are in the blacksmithing/ metalworking field so we were wondering if there are any programs that might be more relevant to us.

  6. Hey Roberto, great video. I want to create a Fashion blog that I anticipate to have some affiliate marketing on the page.
    I also want to have an ecommerce website…….Can I do Affiliate marketing on that ecommerce website??? You know sell my stuff, promote other products too and get a commission for it?

  7. I am just embarking on a new journey to make a million in 1708 days with no real affiliate marketing experience apart from a small blog that my wife and I started years back, I need help to turn my life around so I can help others by showing others that it's possible….

  8. This video just pumped me up to get back on track with my marketing. Good, practical advice in this video. Marketing is a job and needs to be treated as such with time and effort. Let's go!!!

  9. Priceless video on about affiliate marketing. I've been stumbling about this subject for months. Thanks for putting this up! Please keep producing videos.

  10. Mr Blake I want to know about
    let suppose we have a website and if someone open this on mobile and clicks on That link and the app gets open then can we get the commission if he buys from that app
    can you please tell me

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