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Perksy, iOS Only ~25$ a month

So I discovered an app called Perksy, which is a simple all that takes less than two minutes of your time every day. You earn points by completing what they call “stacks”, which are mini-surveys about random topics. For example, today I had 5 question survey about personal computers, and earned 100 points.

Points vary per survey, but most range from 40-120 points per survey. This is again, a once a day only thing. You can cash out at 2500 points, which equals a 25$ Gift Card to a lot of stores, for example, Home Depot, Target, etc.

Currently this app is only available on iOS devices. It is still pretty new so it should be expanding in the next few months

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-With this link if you take the first survey we both get 100 points

Non-referral link

EDIT: Sorry I cant spell but it’s fixed

20 thoughts on “Perksy, iOS Only ~25$ a month

  1. How much is a cheap used iPhone? I’d be down only problem is the newer versions run the apps a lot better. I know they say that that about android. Thanks for the share

    1. You could probably find a iPhone SE for around 50$ on Craigslist or eBay. They sold for like 99$ at one point. Another option would be to search eBay for Bad IMEI phones or cracked ones, they usually go pretty cheap. Swappa has a website called Boneyard also for blacklisted or broken phones, pretty reliable.

      1. Total wireless and Simple mobile had a glitch last month on their site and were practically giving the SE’s away for $28 and $43 which included a J3 low end Android phone and one month talk cards. Agreed, find a broken one that works or get a small screen SE for cheap and use as an ipod.


        BTW I dont think $25 a month is realistic at least for me, its more like a month and a half or two months. Not sure why you would be getting more points unless its demographic. Still a great app though.

      1. Well… I didn’t search because I didn’t make the post yet. Also, you didn’t have Perksy in your title and I didn’t read it so I didn’t see that there was a post about Perksy. So don’t freak out bud lol

        1. it wasn’t my post – and referral links are not required, only NON referral links are required per rule 3 – in fact referral links are a cancer in this sub, so I think it’s cool he didn’t post his – but the OP in THIS post obviously did – and just so he could get referrals!

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