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Pinecone frequency?

Hi there! Just cashed my first check from Pinecone but haven’t received any more surveys. Is that normal? How frequently do they seem to come in?

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  1. Pinecone is definitely the best survey site that I know about. I get 2-3 a week and you always make at least $5 a survey. I always pick digital debit card then send it to my PayPal.

  2. It is the rate that matters. $3 for 15 min work is a great online rate overall. You can also sort the rewards lowest to highest , choose “cash option” and cash out to Paypal.

  3. Yeah I maybe get two or three a month. But that’s fine, they arent that bad. Some are kind of fun to see new products coming out.

    Just an FYI though, they don’t have digital gift cards at the moment. Support said they would return eventually.

        1. have you searched for Amazon in the rewards section? I always cashout for Amazon gift codes and just cashed out this morning as well.

          1. That’s how I use to get them too. I assumed the “Gift Cards Digital” option was gone for everyone. I’ve only cashed out two times that way. Eh, no big deal they have a million cash out options.

          2. I emailed them again and they said they pulled Paypal and digital cards for everyone right now but they will be back in the future. NO idea!

    1. I wouldn’t say “horrible”, they just don’t have surveys for people in your demographic. Most people get 2-4 per month. I can’t think of any survey company that pays as well as pinecone research. It comes out to nearly $10 per hour for me, and the surveys are actually interesting.

  4. I get about 2-3 surveys a month. Been with them for about 3 years. Its not a site you have to monitor.. they email you when they got something for you and ive never been rejected from a survey. Its worth keeping around.

    1. Wow, I’m jealous. Seems to be the norm here, but I’m lucky if I get one per month. I guess I’m just not the demographic they’re looking for. 🙁 They pay well too.

  5. I was going to create a thread about this. Frequency of surveys has dropped off substantially the past couple of years. It used to be one or two each week. Now it’s more like one or two each month. Still, for reliability and honesty, this site is among the best.

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