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Pinecone Research continues to worsen – now with disqualifier questions!

I made a post here some time back dissatisfied with the direction the once great Pinecone Research was going. This change involved them no longer storing our info and automatically dispersing surveys based on what we were a good fit for. Instead, they’d send out a bulk of new profile forms every time they had a survey and then contact you later if you fit.

Now, they aren’t even doing that. I just got disqualified from a survey.

Not to mention that I make about 1/5th of what I used to make using Pinecone. My first year with Pinecone, I made about $250.

In the past year, I have barely scraped past $50.

If anyone was hoping to get into Pinecone, don’t bother. It’s not worth it anymore.

Edit: Forgot to mention – they sometimes ask you to RETURN your product testers once you’re finished with them! The extra hassle is NOT worth $3.

15 thoughts on “Pinecone Research continues to worsen – now with disqualifier questions!

  1. IIRC, they used to pay $5 per survey back in the day. Also, anyone remember getting Nestle Smarties samples (M&M clone) in the US?

  2. I haven’t been able to use them for 2 years…. They said I missed to many survey opportunities, and stopped sending me surveys. Contacting support is useless.

  3. They are still solid for me! I dont think ive ever been sent a sample… maybe once or twice but i dont remember since i do other surveys sites.

    The surveys are $3 for like 10min of work. Not many sites offer that. I make anywhere from $3-$9 a month and the beauty of it is i dont have to constantly be watching anything like the other sites.. they email me when they want me to take a survey. Id like to say im disqualified from 1 out of 10 surveys.

    So im gonna have to disagree and say its still great if you can be a part of it. I mean it doesnt ask you to waste time searching and accepting like 99% of the sites out there. They email you take it. Something might be up with your account.

  4. The longer a site like this out there, the worse it gets. They’ve added more and more users over the years. They can make more money off each user with those updates.

    With that said, I’ve made $207 in about 9 months since I signed up. I’ve only had 3 surveys in the past month though. $108 per year if that pace stays.

    Easily still one of the best beermoney sites out there.

  5. I have a mac and every single survey they send me, it says I’m qualified but need a Windows 7 computer to continue. It’s ridiculous

  6. Wow I’ve never gotten that. I’ve gotten every single one they send me plus every now and then I’ll receive the product. I’ve only received food so I haven’t had to return anything as of yet. I’ve made $51 so far this year and $282 in the past year.

  7. The surveys seem down for me this year as well. Another thing they seem to be doing to me… downloading Amazon transactions from the Shoptracker app every 2 months and giving me credit for only one month instead of 2.

  8. I was being disqualified for a while. I contacted customer service to complainn and received no response. I stopped responding to any surveys. A few months later, they send an email which started they were changing back to the old surveys. I’ve never been denied since.

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