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Pinecone research Signup

I see many people looking to sign up for Pinecone Research, I found a link to sign up to them.


I got in and was able to sign up and get verified.

12 thoughts on “Pinecone research Signup

  1. sorry if this breaks the Rules, I did some reading and didn’t see that I couldn’t help some people get into pinecone. If this is spam sorry

    1. I would say it’s ok, it seems there’s a lot of interest in getting signed up for Pinecone, and not like it’s your referral link. Good find!

  2. Worked for me, thanks! I used to have an account years ago but I became inactive when I got real busy so I guess my account was closed. I was able to rejoin though 🙂

  3. Worked for me thanks! Took the intro survey and now I have to wait because something like “In a few weeks we will send you an email for the next survey”

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