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Playspot or luckyday

Has anyone been able to cash out of either of these apps before I even bother trying them?

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  1. Haven’t tried playspot, I’ll try it out later and if I remember I’ll respond back,

    Lucky day is a hell of a story, I’m close to 3 million tickets or whatever they use, haven’t touched the app in a month though, and I used that app every day for two months and I only made 7.25$, I don’t really trust them to be honest.

      1. Not sure, I have tried a bunch of them though, paying apps that I know of are 1Q get paid 0.25$ every once and awhile onepulse 5.00$ a month for the past two months now, and I’m currently trying out sweatcoin,

        1. Sweatcoin is a waste of time imo. It doesn’t track half your steps with their weird algorithm and it takes soo long to get the good rewards

          1. I’ve grinded it out to 1200 when they go crypto hope the price goes up so I can sell

  2. I use LuckyDay daily, and I’ve cash out the points numerous times. They’re legit, but a slow earner.

  3. I also use Lucky Day. I’ve cashed out (points, and always for Amazon gift cards.) It is legit but I’ve been stuck at $8.75 for ever! Other then that I like it. But like was mentioned, it is kinda slow racking points up but I do offers and surveys so it’s not too bad.

  4. I cashed out 14 million points for a £10 amazon GC. Perma-stuck on $9.75 which is kinda annoying. Can’t say anything for playspot as I haven’t tried it.

  5. I play luckyday all the time (for nearly a year), and average about 60,000 to 100,000 points a day — and with winning card point amounts, earn enough to cash out a $5 gift card every month.

    Though I haven’t earned enough for a money (paypal) cash-out (and its rare, but it happens)

    1. try and do morning scratch-offs before noon.
    2. more scratch-offs appear in the afternoon after 1pm.
    3. evening scratch-offs appear around 9-9:30 pm.
    4. you can add about 10,000 more points a day if you watch vids (each vid is 1000 points) located in the ‘free tokens’ area of the app (tap the left top yellow header button on the app, then tap the yellow gift box ‘free tokens’.
    5. always play the ‘lottery’ on the app every day, great way to get bonus points 🙂

    Hope this helps! — for what its worth, I just keep with the app because it feeds my ‘scratch-off addiction LOL!

  6. I’ve used Lucky Day for a while and have been able to get a couple gift cards out of it. I have yet to hit a big scratch prize. If you go to the Recent Winners tab, notice the cash out numbers. It’s very common to see $56.25 or $106.25, etc. That means they had $6.25 from small scratchers, and then hit a $50 or $100 card. So you basically cannot nickel and dime your way to $10, just have to be patient and hope to get the big prize. But for 5 minutes a day, you can get a $10 gift card in a month. Also try some of the offers to get there faster.

  7. I use Lucky Day and it’s worked for me. I mainly save up for gift cards. I’m at around 11 million tokens and have $14.

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