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Prolific Assistant Error

Recently, on Prolific Assistant the extension icon displays ERR. Usually when this happens, I just have to go to the studies page then the ERR goes, but now it keeps showing the error.

Are other people seeing this error?

11 thoughts on “Prolific Assistant Error

    1. I’ve just read the latest reviews of the PA extension. Someone said the ERR started appearing when Chrome updated. So it might be that as the extension was last updated last October.

      1. I think that’s it. Mine was working great up until a few days ago, then Chrome updated, and it’s only been ‘ERR’ since then. It always says ‘Last Checked: Undefined”. Changing the interval does nothing, so it seems as if the extension can’t read the time properly, as it never shows the time at all.

      2. Well crud. I wonder if that might be the same reason that Distill, which had been working perfectly for *years* for paidviewpoint (though it was always super-unreliable for Prolific and stopped working completely after the site update a few months ago), just suddenly also stopped doing anything a few days ago. 🙁

        (Could also be a total coincidence, of course.)

        1. Yea, looks like the Chrome update is the issue. I checked ProlificAssistat on Firefox and it works normally in there, so 🙂

  1. prolific assistant has not worked over a year for me. it just never notifies me for work. i think it’s because my computer is always at max ram use despite having 16GB because chrome is very aggressive about killing tabs not in the foreground

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