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Prolific Notification?

Is there any way to get a notification when there is a study at prolific?

I tried the chrome addon but that doesn’t seem to work anymore…

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    1. the extension doesn’t work for me (even after it’s fully updated and chrome too)so i will try this app. i barely get studies

      1. I don’t get many either, I’m getting 3 or 4 a week at most. But at least with this i don’t feel like I have to be glued to my browser all the time…

        1. app isn’t perfect (minimum check interval is 15 minutes) but i did get 2 studies notified that would have gone unnoticed. thanks

          1. Actually, you can set it for less if you choose “force app to stay active” in the settings, but it’ll eat up A LOT of battery. I have it set for one minute.

    1. prolific only emails studies they are having trouble finding people to do or have huge quantities (which is almost never)

  1. The latest version of Chrome and Prolific Assistant should be working since Kadauchi fixed it last month. If not, you can also try the Firefox version.

    1. never has worked for me. i have a suspicion that chrome silently kills the extension or notifications with low memory, because i have 4 browsers open at once

  2. I just leave the page open. If there’s a study available, you’ll see a (1) appear on the tab. Of course, this means you do have to periodically glance over to the tab to see if there’s a number in brackets.

    I’ve not had much luck with third-party extensions since the site got upgraded nor do I really trust that they’ll notify me properly.

    Leaving page open has served me well enough. Definitely not as ideal as before, but better than not knowing at all.

  3. Do you keep your Chrome updated? The latest Chrome update cleared the permanent error on Prolific Assistant for me.

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