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question about mintvine

is mintvine any good for people that son’t do surveys?

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  1. Im not a fan of doing surveys either, but I would say yes its worth it, Ive been paid 20 times by them

    I login and do the daily poll

    They do have a few offer walls
    Offertoro, Personaly, PeanutLabs, AdWall, TrialPay, AdGate

    Each 100 points equals $1.00
    Cashout when you reach 1000 points equivalent to $10.00

    1. i can’t seem to find mintvine in the list of linked sites when i sign in via there, is that a glitch (spotted someone mention this in another forum last year as well) or do most just not log in at all?

      1. I never sign in on EngageMe’s site.

        I just click on Ad Wall in MV, then choose a channel, and then the EM page loads up on its own.

        Earnings are automatically credited to your MV profile/account.

        1. ah, cool deal. figured it had to work that way when i couldn’t see them in the drop down.

          odd since the EM owner(s) pretty much nest themselves everywhere.

  2. i was the dumb one who did the survey’s, still have 9 points pending..yet enough for a cashout.

    kind of the thing i don’t like about MV is they withhold until those pendings clear, not really the fault of mintvine themselves. just kind of a minor quirk about the whole deal.

    concur with the engagemetv though.

    edit: knew i was going to get downvoted the second i hit save. probably because of my second statement. not that it matters.

  3. Their payout for EngageMe.TV is the highest of any site. Also, their offer walls pay out pretty high. Honestly though, if you don’t care about surveys, use another site like InstaGC unless you like farming with EngageMe.TV.

    1. their payout may be high but for some reason it runs like trash for me. I made 12 cents running it all day yesterday and then using a different site over the same amount of time i made 84 cents. I also noticed on they are not a listed partner for linking so i’m wondering if thats why.

    2. they were the highest paying site on every offer wall at one time but i am pretty sure thye ahve been surpassed by now. ill do some comparing later to be sure.

      Keep in mind i am not talking about videos as i know absolutely jack shit about videos as i dont do em

  4. They pay, though it is not unusual bounce out of surveys. Getting 5 cents each time that happens is better than nothing.

  5. on a similar path, just sent in my first withdrawl through them ($10 walmart) and soon as i seen it say 3-5 business days..i felt more thankful for your everyday GPT sites.

    even if they come through quicker, seeing that text for something so small in value, essh.

  6. yeah they pay good for offers there. ive used them for years without one single hiccup and have never done a survey there. i do wish they’d go back to paying in bitcoin

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