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Question for those who use UserTesting….

I’ve started using UserTesting a couple of months ago and have probably completed around 15 tests. So far, I finally had just one of them rated (no comments just a five star), but the other 14 no rating s just payment. Is this normal? I was expecting more people to rate the responses.

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    1. Me too. I’ve done 5 tests so far. The screeners do my head in. Not eligible for anything. I wish UserTesting would have more profile questions and only show tests that are relevant to me.

      1. I did one and it was really easy! Basically just a video call where they ask you questions and you share your thoughts. Definitely worth it for the $

        1. Does it actually take up the whole hour? I’ve done the same for other sites and for me it always finishes around 35 min for the same pay

          1. I did one for C2 Research but thats invite only and then another for User Interviews, the sister site of User Testing.

      2. They’re pretty great. It’s just basically a Skype/Zoom video chat one-on-one with another person. In the ones I’ve done, they had a topic they wanted to discuss, and we just had a conversation. It took almost exactly the 60 minutes it was supposed to be, but I could see some being shorter depending on the topics. It’s longer than a normal test, but it’s super easy and well worth the money.

  1. Speaking of, has anyone gotten many opportunities from them this past week or so? I signed up last week, and I’ve had the website open for several hours every day since, but so far no available to tests to try and qualify for.

    1. They make you wait a week after you complete your first one. Once that is reviewed then you’ll start seeing more and more. I’ve done 13 tests in the past week

  2. Yeah, ratings are decently rare. I just counted and I’ve only gotten ratings on 30 out of 124 tests. I’ve considered soliciting them at the very end of the recording, but nervous that this could backfire. For all I know the person running the account to gather the responses is not even the one listening to the recording most of the time. I do end by saying that I hoped my comments were useful and thanking them for giving me the chance to share my feedback.

    1. Ooh I might start saying the useful part at the end. Usually I end mine by just saying thank you lol but today I kinda got screwed over by one so idk if it’ll ruin my ratings.

      They had me do 2 screen shares at once plus video camera but their software couldn’t handle switching to my second camera so it was blank the whole time and their videos were silent that they made me watch. Then at the end it asked me if they could improve on anything so I said implement a camera switcher in the software and make sure the videos have sound.

      1. If you do get a bad rating (two or one star) they’ll automatically audit the review. The few that I’ve got have been overturned, as the ratings were for audio problems.

      2. Yup. You have to be really careful until you get your rating built up. 5* raters get the most tests, but many people say they barely get any tests if they drop below 4*.

        1. Yep I got one bad review which was overturned but now Im a 4 and havent got a survey for months.
          Followed up with Usertesting with a generic response every time.

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