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Questions about

So I signed up for yesterday and I really like it. There are high payout surveys and within 24 hours got paid out a dollar fifty. Anyone who has been looking at it and on the fence I can tell you it’s awesome (compared to other survey sites).

However I do have a few questions about their site and I would rather hear information (if possible ) from other users on this sub.

1. How do I get listed as verified? (The FAQs says after the first payout when you have earned more than 1000 credits; which I have and I haven’t been verified)

2. I have mainly done the surveys on the site but I was wondering if anyone has had luck with the apps install offers. There’s one I am currently working on for 17k coins (17 dollars) and it will take a little time(requirement to hit a certain power level in game) . I just don’t want to be wasting my time if this payout messes up.

3. And finally I noticed that it says my unverified account has a cap of 4k coins and I was wondering if I completely my current 17k task and am I just going to get 4k or if my account will overflow.

This is my first post on this sub and I’m happy to be here. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

E1 removed referral link from question post. There’s two sets of rules on this sub and I didn’t scroll down to see the second set and they banned me from making new posts or commenting for 30 days.

E2 I was trying to ask this community first but I have been asking in that chat and I haven’t got any definite answers yet

E3 unbanned and all questions answered below

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  1. they have an active chat where you can get answers to these questions. contact them and update the post so we can benefit

  2. Verification is manually approved by the admin. I think you need to earn 1000+ coins for a guaranteed verification.

    The app that pays out 17k coins must be World War Rising with the goal of reaching power level 50. A few people in the site’s chat mentioned they were paid for the task.

    If you receive the 17k coins all of that will appear on your account, but to withdraw the coins will need approval from a mod or the admin of the site. I don’t know if you can withdraw all at once or only 4k coins per withdrawal.

    Edit: A official responded in this post.

  3. Hello, thought I’d jump in to answer some of these.

    1) To become verified you must earn a minimum of 1,000 coins. If you’ve done this, it shouldn’t be too much longer before you are; the staff review accounts and verify them every day.

    2) You can ask other users who have completed high-paying offers to hear opinions of users, however I have seen quite a number of users from this sub complete those app offers with no problems.

    3) The credit limit only affects how much you can earn in one single offer. If you earn more than that in one offer, it will be held and require staff approval. There is no limit to how much balance you can have in your account at once.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.

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