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QuickThoughts is just such an interesting nightmare.

I’ve been using QuickThoughts without many issues for a few years, besides the random albeit temporary ban. I have an Android phone and obviously have been just cashing out Amazon gift cards, but a few weeks ago I was informed that I had cashed out an iTunes gift card (which isn’t even an option). I couldn’t request a password change, so I directly contacted them and they just said since there was suspicious activity on my account I was banned.

I guess I’m just bitching because QuickThoughts is run by apes.

15 thoughts on “QuickThoughts is just such an interesting nightmare.

  1. Someone from a completely different IP and device redeems a gift card and instead of emailing you to reset your password they ban you. Lol ok.

  2. When I have problems with them I just repeatedly contact them until I actually get someone helpful. There are at least a couple of people there that actually know what they are doing. The rest are doing their best to stop them…

  3. They changed the pay from $2 to $1 and I basically stopped using it unless the study is like 2-5 minutes lol They are crazy if they think I’m going to do a study for 25 minutes to an hour for $1.

      1. I only started using recently but highest I’ve seen is $1.50. I’d say it’s kind of 80/20 for me betwene $1.00 and $0.40 surveys

      2. During my last ban I experimented with making new accounts and such to get around it. I noticed that if I said I was a black indian, I would only get $2-$3 surveys.

    1. I tend to only do the 15min or less surveys for $1. Of course sometimes they are full of shit and that 5min survey is actually a 30min one. Overall its not much money but havent found a better paying one out there. Most survey sites DQ 90% of surveys I do and a lot of times do it when I already put 15min into one so gave up on those. Quickthoughts for me DQ a LOT less

  4. I’ve emailed QT about half a dozen times for different things. They never give straight forward answers but they have always been polite (knock on wood).

  5. After everything is said and done, i could only average 2 dollars an hour on most of these types of things, just wasnt worth it for me

  6. I started using it recently, and aside from being booted from 2 surveys at the end of them and not getting paid it’s been fairly smooth. It can be buggy though. Also many of the surveys are 20 minutes for $1 which just isn’t worth it. I’ve further noticed I’ll go in and see maybe 4 or 5 surveys for $1, and then when I finish that the other $1 will be gone and there will be say 2 or 3 surveys for $0.40. After that I typically won’t be able to get another survey for hours

  7. “We took the aforementioned action after reviewing the accuracy and attentiveness of your account activity. As a renowned market research provider, we take the validity of our research data very seriously and needed to take steps to address the matter.We appreciate your time on our panel but, as previously stated, we unfortunately have no option other than to permanently suspend your account. Thank you for your understanding.Thank you for your email.

    Thank you for your patience.”

    LOL @ “renowned market research provider” though.

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