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QuickThoughts iTunes code not working?

Is anyone else having a problem where Apple says the code has already been redeemed?

6 thoughts on “QuickThoughts iTunes code not working?

  1. Yeah, I had that happen a month or so ago. I just emailed them (I think I responded to the email?) and they refunded my account within a week or so.

    (They also then disabled my account when I redeemed that money… and then started it up again when I yet again emailed them. Shrug. Whatever works.)

  2. Such BS. I was planning on trading them as I got them. However knowing this is a widespread issue makes that plan kind of hit-or-miss. And I wouldn’t know until after I traded the code to the person. It would make me look like I’m scamming when they tried to redeem it and I’ve already taken their money. Awesome.

    Is there any way to verify a iTunes code without actually redeeming, like you used to be able to do with Amazon codes?

  3. I just had this happen and emailed them via the help link in the email. I was actually just coming here to post this very question. Strange. Good luck to us!

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