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RadioEarn Update + Payment Proof

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RadioEarn is a site where you can run radio stations in your browser and earn points, which get automatically converted to USD when you reach 1,000 points. *Even if you mute the stations, you will earn points.*

They went through a surge of new sign ups thanks in part to r/beermoney and as such, were late on their payments. Their TOS states that their payments are NET30, but it took over 30 days for me to get my first payment, but at least it happened. See [here](

I won’t lie, I was worried when 30 days passed and there was no information about the payment. It seems that they are reliant on their advertisers to pay them before they can issue payments to users, rather than paying out of a capital fund.

<Other thoughts>

* They decreased the value of points in October, most likely to soften the blow against the huge user turnout. It’s now 1,000 = $2.95 (down from $3.50).

* They mentioned on the forums that they will be implementing crypto payments in addition to PayPal. Hopefully that will get around the fee that paypal takes out.

* I hope to be more optimistic in the next update, but for now I can say that at least they are catching up on payouts and it is still an effortless way to make passive income.

Try it out yourself:
[Ref Link]( | [Non Ref Link](

6 thoughts on “RadioEarn Update + Payment Proof

  1. yuck, crypto, way to ruin it. didn’t expect the massive drop in the exchange rate either. i haven’t received my payment yet though i only requested it on the first.

    1. Just to be clear – they announced the plan to add a crypto *option* for payment. PayPal still seems to be an option.

      The payment I received today, I had requested on October 1st and was from all my grinding in September.

      RadioEarn takes time, but it’s easy to do and passive.

  2. Are you saying they’re replacing PayPal with crypto or just adding crypto as an option? I just started using a few days ago thinking I could cash out with PayPal in a month or so but if I am going to have to cash out with crypto I will just stop using now..

    1. Just to be clear- they didn’t say they are replacing PayPal with crypto. They just plan to add it as another payment option.

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