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[RANT] is a piece of shit.

I have no idea if this rant will be short or long but I’m pissed off and I want to share what happened regardless of if I get criticism of how I handled the situation or whatnot.

Basically I’ve been using Privacy for a long time to protect myself from merchants trying to charge me over and over again, so I used it on NameSilo which is a domain and website hosting service and long story short I was charged twice in a row for $5.99 in less than a month which caused my checking account to overdraft which resulted in TWO $30 overdraft fees which as pissed as I was, paid off willingly and then I **removed** my banking and card information from Privacy.

Fast forward a week later I got another email from Privacy saying that I’ve been charged from NameSilo AGAIN (keep in mind the first time this happened they claimed that they paused my Privacy account), so you’re telling me that even when I remove my banking information AND my Privacy account is paused they can STILL charge me?

So now I have **another** $30 overdraft fee on my checking account and I’ve sent emails to NameSilo and Privacy and I’m waiting for responses.

Total bullshit. I’m pissed. I know people are going to be like “oh why didn’t you call your bank” or something, but honestly I don’t feel like dealing with it right now.

Rant over, don’t use Privacy.

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  1. Just a heads up. Overdraft protection is a service you can disable. That service is for people who don’t want the embarrassment of going to the store and having their card declined in front of other people. If you’re like me, who doesn’t care, then you can turn overdraft protection off. When you turn overdraft protection off your card will simply be declined with a response back to the merchant saying insufficient funds. Banks usually trick you into signing up for overdraft protection when you create the bank account which is why so many people think they can’t disable it. The truth is, you can and should disable it because if you actually go into overdraft status….you don’t even have the money to begin with to pay a $30-$50 overdraft fee.

    1. This 100%. When I worked for capital one and people called about the overdraft fees I waved them (we were supposed to) and then I asked if they wanted to turn it off (we weren’t supposed to do that). But honestly I can’t imagine that anyone would rather pay $30-50 extra on anything just to avoid embarrassment.

      1. > But honestly I can’t imagine that anyone would rather pay $30-50 extra on anything just to avoid embarrassment.


        My mom is one of them. Honestly boggles my mind.

    2. Update on this, my bank claims I was never eligible for overdraft protection in the first place, thus it’s disabled…


  2. Some people legitimately do scrape by on necessities alone for sure.

    But you’d be surprised at how many people willingly live paycheck to paycheck because they’re impulsive and just continue to buy stuff they don’t actually need. It’s the overdone “treat yo self” mentality.

    Search “americans savings” for example and look at the many articles about it.

  3. so let me get this straight: you are pissed at because you don’t know how to setup a credit card properly? you can set it up as one use only, or limit the credit amount for each transaction in a different number of ways.

    face it, you screwed up. if you say you configured it properly and it still allowed the transaction to come through then it would be a massive flaw and it’s very unlikely that happened

    1. I have configured my cards properly, I’ve used this app for almost a year now without issues, I always set my cards to have a spending limit per year and always set them to single use only.

      So in this example, I set my card limit to $7 per year and one time use for NameSilo. Somehow bypassed the yearly limit and the card never turned off after the first transaction.

      I haven’t screwed up in any way, I used the service properly and they failed to do what they’re supposed to do.

      Edit: Also if you read my post, even if I didn’t set up the card properly, how does that explain me being charged after supposedly my Privacy account was paused AND I completely removed my banking information from the app?

  4. Mine works as intended. Has for years. No issues. Blocks what I don’t want charged.

    Sorry. I think you messed up somewhere.

    Also, privacy gives notifications and an email. And doesn’t reach your bank for a few days. Likely you had plenty of time to stop this.

    1. I love Only have had good luck with them personally.

      That said, an acquaintance told me that he had Amazon force through charges on a closed privacy card. When he called Privacy, he was told that large retailers such as Amazon have the ability to override a rejected transaction, in essence forcing charges through.
      Something like that. So be careful.

      Probably someone else who worked for a credit card company at some point can confirm or refute this.

      1. Ooh good to know about the Amazon thing. Not privacy related (never heard of the site until this post) but my mom went through absolute hell disputing some BS amazon charges once (they somehow signed her up for something she didn’t intend to sign for and even when she repeatedly canceled and called them and her bank they continued to force through charges.). Her issues make sense on light of what you said here. Sounds like Amazon and maybe some of the other large retailers have a bit too much power. I can’t remember if it was Amazon or some place out but some yearly subscription o figured I wouldn’t have to cancel after changing a card was somehow able to charge my new card without even ever having those numbers too. Any other time I’ve lost a card to identity theft or fruadukenr charges its always such a pain getting the new card number into all my subs and autopay since the old one won’t work. But yeah must’ve been Amazon and a prime subscription. They somehow still could charge me without ever having the new credit card number. Ended up deciding to keep it anyway but oof, be very careful in general with them.

  5. Call your bank and dispute the fuck out of that. I’d be damned if I’m gonna let some fuckwit steal my money and I never even got to see his god damn face.

    Just call your bank and claim unauthorized transactions. They’re gonna ask you for a shit tonne of details and a follow up.
    But hey, anything to keep freeloaders from benefiting off your sweat.

    1. I got a charge that I disputed and I guess it charged back through Privacy and now I can’t use Privacy unless I call the bank and tell them this and that. Not doing it. Lol

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