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redbubble question

got some really great ideas for redbubble but had a question if anyone uses it.

im planning on designing some sports t-shirts and some political t-shirts. do you recommend me making 2 accounts, 1 for each? or posting them on the same page? Didn’t know if i should have one store specifically for sports related things and another for political shirts.

also, i see people using pictures of mlb players on their shirts, like cartoonized pictures and some others. is this okay? using a players likeness, as long as its your work? i contacted their support an d they werent really helpful.

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  1. I post different product lines to the same RB account, and just put them in different “collections”, that way if someone likes one thing I do from “genre A” they can look at my whole portfolio to see everything I do, or just the specific genre A collection. I also personally don’t have the mental energy to maintain two different accounts, but that’s just me and if you think the separate storefronts/branding would be helpful to you, you should go for it!

    Obligatory IANAL. RB’s copyright stuff is confusing, to say the least, and it doesn’t surprise me their support wasn’t helpful. I have sold designs pertaining to Taylor Swift before; her rights management team is notoriously strict and everything I have tagged with her name has been taken down, even if there was NO copyrighted image or lyric in the design. Basically, RB does not screen any new designs for copyright infringement before publishing to the platform, BUT if a copyright holder (in your case, a player whose likeness you are using) issues a take down notice for your design, RB will immediately take the design down, no questions asked. It is then up to you to just accept the take down, or, if you feel like it’s unfair and you have the rights to your design, you can file a counter notice. I can’t imagine an MLB player will go to the lengths that Taylor, Disney, HBO etc would, so if you put up the likeness design you described you will PROBABLY be okay. It’s a gray area for sure, and I think RB keeps their support on the matter vague so that they can’t be held liable down the line.

    tl;dr you can try posting a player’s likeness and unless it gets taken down you’re fine

    1. thank you for your response so much. i have a queston while i have you, i found a site that has royalty free commercial use images. now — that site has pictures of lets say (donald trump) — its on a site that says “royalty free, commercial use” so — does that mean im in the clear? cause other sites say you cant use his likeness, but then red bubble says as long as its free commercial use, royalty free, you can. so could i take that royalty free image, photoshop it any way id like, and id be okay? even if it was pro-trump, or anti-trump? not getting into wh ich side i fall under, just asking the question 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! And sure. If it’s designated royalty free for commercial use, then you have permission from the creator of *that specific image* to use *that specific image* in your RB goods. However, Trump still has rights over his likeness via [publicity rights](, so no matter how you photoshop the design, his people could issue a takedown if they care to. (To my understanding.)

        However, this is important – please check the specific terms for the image website you’re using. Sometimes “royalty free for commercial use” terms mean one end product, not POD services like RB or Merch which can print infinite end products.

        1. thanks for your reply, what do you mean by “one end product” so basically as i understand, dont use pictures of other people lol. it just sucks cause i see so many of these team logos, pictures of trump, mlb players, and theyre selling like crazy, but thats illegal, and yet somehow they get away with it.

          1. “One end product” means ONE product you sell to a customer. For example, let’s say I get a graphic of some flowers from a designer. If their standard license says that I can only use it for one end product, that means I can only put it in one project, so I could use it in a wedding invitation suite for a customer, but not for any other products like a journal or a t-shirt.

            I would just check the T&Cs of the commercial use website you’re using and see if they have any exclusions. Some do and some don’t.

            Trump’s people probably have bigger fish to fry right now than taking down his likeness on POD sites. You can always try putting up some of your designs and just seeing what happens. You won’t be automatically banned from the site or penalized if RB takes down one of your designs, you would need to be a repeat offender. Best of luck to you!

          2. you should work for their customer service team. 🙂

            thanks again man. not expecting to make any money right away, but i love photoshop and figure if i keep after it and promote it the right way who knows.

            best of luck to you as well.

    2. Can confirm the copyright stuff. My all-time best seller is a cartoon Aaron Rodgers with a mustache. I tried doing a curling/Harry Potter combo and an HQ Trivia Valentine’s day card which were both yanked from RB. The Harry Potter one was pulled within a day or two, I was able to make a few bucks from the HQ one before it was pulled a few months after the fact.

  2. I’ve made tons of redbubble designs in all different genres and have made almost no money. About 15-20 high quality designs have made me like $10 in a whole year.

    [edit: link is](

    1. I find the best way is to get waaay niche with it. My top sellers are relatively niche (curling, My Favorite Murder, and an HQ Trivia Valentine’s card that sold like hot cakes til it got taken down last week). Even so, I’m just a bit over $50 for the year. Post on Instagram and relevant FB groups and Bam. Sales.

      Considering making a more focused curling/beer threadless shop currently to experiment there.

      1. I agree, you just need to find a niche market and focus on it. I’m at $57 in artist profit since Jan 13, which I’m happy with. 🙂

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