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r/usertesting is now opening.

Today, I acquired access to the dormant subreddit r/usertesting. People were unable to post so the sub practically went unused. I’m planning on trying to revive the sub and hopefully it will become a useful resource for beermoney and UserTesting users.

12 thoughts on “r/usertesting is now opening.

          1. Obviously do what you think is best, I am only one guy and maybe people are looking for a sub for one specific site like that. It works for some of the big GPT sites… Besides, I’m nobody. 🙂


            I do a lot of testing and really enjoy it though and would love a sub that focuses on all the different sites out there.

          2. Well, I want the sub to be very useful and interesting so that’s why I’m gonna change it.

  1. Very nice. I’ve only made about $150 or so on there in past 2 months but only check it a few times a week. I only do Mac or Windows ones (no mobile or live convo) and enjoy it.

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