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Scheduling and note taking?

How do you keep up with everything? All the websites, logins, apps, passwords, day life, and that kinda thing.

For those of you with day jobs, how do you get everything done and still have time and energy to put into the multitudes of websites, apps, and the like that you can make money from?

10 thoughts on “Scheduling and note taking?

  1. I use Chrome and have it save all of my passwords. I use a separate profile for /r/beermoney stuff. Then I have bookmarks to keep track of regularly used sites organized based on usage.

    Back when I worked a normal day job, I didn’t have any trouble coming back to doing more work at home most days. If you hate your work, it’s certainly hard to come back home and do more work. I kept a positive attitude at my normal job, so I wasn’t burnt out by the time I got home. Working a job you enjoy or at least pleasantly tolerate makes a world of difference. Not to mention, I did a lot of tasks that can be done while playing games or watching tv. Sure, it’s less efficient, but I find it more sustainable in the long run.

  2. For many of us, this is something we do on the side. Some do it as their full-time job. Personally, I do it when I want. This is something I can pick up and do when I want.

    Some days, I forget or have no energy to do my apps. Usually, I check for any worthwhile offers and put the phones to charge. I will occassionally work on them but I also am pretty comfortable knowing what works for me now. For example, most avoid surveys but I make my most off of them. I fit the criteria and pick the ones that pay well for my time.

  3. I also use Chrome and edit my bookmarks on my bookmarks bar by removing the names, leaving them blank. There will be an icon only in place of the name, and these sometimes change. I can still see the site name by hovering over the icon, I also work a day job, so prefer the best rate for my time spent on UserTesting, Prolific, and by answering emails from the many market research firms that I am signed up with directly – M3 Global Research, Focus Forward;s Survey Squad, Elliott Benson, User Interviews to name a few, and for quick dimes and quarters, super fast tasks, I like PaidViewpoint, UserCrowd, C-space, and Crowdtap. I put all my icons in my order of preference and do the daily run through in the evening, and more than once on the weekends and holidays. I conserve energy by doing all this in a recliner ;D After I have finished my routine, I visit Reddit for pleasure and to give tips if I can, or to learn of new sites to check out that I then bookmark under “Leads” and explore at my leisure.

  4. Excel. It is a pain in the ass to write up if you already have a lot, but a spreadsheet cab make life so much easier in the long run.

  5. I just do $1-3 surveys on PrizeRebel to have some money to spare on useless stuff. Takes about 2 hours, but I watch TV/YT while doing, I couldn’t watch something without doing something anyway.

  6. Google Chrome saves all of my passwords. I just keep a tight schedule and routine to keep me on track everyday… its all about the mindset you have to be able to get everything done!

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