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Screenwise Select Panel question

I did a survey this morning which was basically a qualification form for Screenwise Panel. I qualified i thought there’s no harm in just filling out a form but wanted to know if this is legit and safe. They’re giving me $10 for signup and sending a router to install at my home . After installation they will give $50 and then $30 every month for just keeping it installed and browser extensions on phone and laptop.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

Btw its aGoogle company

12 thoughts on “Screenwise Select Panel question

  1. Maybe someone who has actually done something like this knows for sure, but I’m guessing your traffic goes through a VPN. That may or may not get you banned from other beermoney stuff.

  2. This panel is different from the Crossmedia US Audience Beta Panel. God knows how many programs they are running, but the fact is that not everyone is allowed to participate like earlier Screenwise Trends

  3. I know that there are several companies who use the physical hardware method for data collection. So it sounds legitimate. And if it wasn’t google, I would NOT sign up. And is this the regular panel we are talking about or the crossmedia Audience panel (that was posted like a week ago)?

  4. I wouldn’t do it if I were you. With the old screenwise you could install it on it’s own chrome profile and just use that for a few searches here and there. This is straight up giving google EVERYTHING you do on every device you use it with for a paltry $30 a month. I’d rather not give up my (probably false) sense of privacy for $30 a month but it’s up to you.

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