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Selling Computing Power

What are good programs (for Linux) that enable users to sell their PC’s CPU computing power?

I’ve heard of BOINC, but that is to donate processing power for research purposes. I’d like to sell my processing power. I’m not looking into cryptocurrency mining or programs that require a GPU.

9 thoughts on “Selling Computing Power

  1. LoadTeam, they use your cpu and can adjust the settings so that it will only operate when your system is idle. Don’t expect lots of money though.

  2. You’re not going to beat the cost of electricity in most places.

    The boat, for selling processing power, sailed when CPU bound crypto currencies crashed. Maybe 3 years ago, you’d break even after being able to get some sick personal gaming hardware. It’s almost a joke now unless your running old server hardware and have free electric

    1. This pretty much there is not enough money in it for anyone with any kind of overheads to make anything.


      Also factor in the fact that you will be running the hardware much harder than normal so you can expect the lifetime of the hardware to be much shorter than you would expect even more so if you are dealing with second-hand hardware.

  3. You can actually use Boinc and still receive a reward.
    If you do the Boinc calculations and register in the grcpool you’ll receive gridcoins. They don’t have a high value and you’ll probably not going to make enough grc to support your energy bill that will go up. But still you’re supporting science which is nice. Plus way better than just blowing warm air out off your pc for some made up coins that might loose their value over night 🙂

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