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Shoppix – snap receipts and earn cash or vouchers

I’ve seen a few posts here about apps that pay for taking pictures of receipts, but i have been using one I haven’t seen mentioned here called Shoppix.

Available for iOS and Android. I believe it is available globally but could be UK.

All you do is take pictures of receipts and earn tokens. 1 receipt per store per day. If you snap a receipt on the same day, you get 30 tokens. If not, you get 25. Seems to accept all stores. You also earn scratch cards that offer bonus tokens, and regular 2 minute surveys that also offer tokens. Also get entered into prize draws that offer big rewards.

3200 tokens = £5. PayPal, Amazon, Love2Shop and others are available as redemption options.

For a bonus 200 points, please use my referral code: BCIYM7B5 – need to snap 1 receipt and complete profile survey to earn the bonus.

App store links:

It’s legit. Received £5 PayPal last week.

12 thoughts on “Shoppix – snap receipts and earn cash or vouchers

  1. just out of curiosity – are there any other apps like this that you’ve found (i already use receipt hog but im looking to expand)

    1. Not so far. I believe there was someone on here who posted a comparison of different ones though, so I’d think there would be.

    2. fetch rewards seems to have a more consistent pattern then most, hog is fine, but they tend to take forever to get back to the submissions.

      same for receiptpal, which has an entirely different layout compared to the previous two.

  2. Receipt Hog is an okay one for US residents and possibly global. It takes awhile like the rest of them but iirc its 1500 points for a $5 gc plus entry’s into sweepstakes and spins on a wheel. You can upload a good bit a week beforevhitting your limit which still credits just not as much.

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